Karen Miller’s Empress, the first in the Godspeaker trilogy, is a book of epic high fantasy to a slave to a knife-dancer to wife of the warlord to Empress of Mijak. [singlepic id=61 w= h= float=right]. If you are looking for dark fantasy, look no further. Empress by Karen Miller, first in her Godspeaker. This is the world that Karen Millar has built in Empress. While incredibly interesting the world is built almost lazily, changing at times to fit the.

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The title, Empress of Mijak, is a literal spoiler, pointing to the intended shape of the story: The place is mostly desert, the people very poor, the G-ds always present and in communication with the world’s inhabitants. Miller can definitely write, and while I might not have fully enjoyed the choices she made with her characters, I must give her credit for wisking me off to another world, though a world too brutal for me to feel at home in.

In the mepress, I only feel like I persisted with the book in order to get some closure, and so I could feel justified in writing this review – which, in fairness, I’ve been wanting to write for days, because if there’s one thing Empress suceeded in doing, it was making me think, and that is always of benefit.

And now comes the part where I’m conflicted – more deeply so, in fact, than I’ve ever been in relation to gauging any other book. I’m going to mijxk the rest of the series, even though I fear that the subsequent books will return to the realm of standard fantasy.

February 1, Imprint: While I didn’t love the book it was really entertaining. As girls in her part of the worlds were nothing. I am sure there are many who will be fascinated with Hekat’s psychology and purpose, and who won’t feel compelled to put down the book in the face of her personal sickness.

For her, a different path has been chosen. I should add that while I found G. The review must be at least 50 characters long.


My Life In Neon | Empress of Mijak: The Villain Protagonist

Karen Miller shows considerable skill in with dialogue and scenery, but ultimately her artifice has no heart, no message and very little appeal. All in all, Emprses was disgusted with this book and will not read anything by Karen Miller ever again. But you make the mistake of looking at it a little closer and it all starts to fall apart.

According to my kindle the phrase “aieee” was present forty seven times in the book. But Hekat was not born to be a slave. Hekat sees things in terms of black and white, which makes e,press reactions predictable and her few moments of introspection dull. This is a cruel harsh religion that promises power, strength and magical abilities on the stern condition of extreme piety and obedience.

That was important, the rest was nothing. Born in poverty in the Savage North, she is sold to Traders into slavery. It feeds her pride. Maybe that was the author’s intention. This is personified by the coldness of the protagonist.

Empress of Mijak

Want to Read saving…. Mijak culture, aside from its godliness, seems remarkably impoverished. If you identified with the characters in this book well, with a notable exceptionthen I hope to never run into you in a dark alley.

Not fully understand her. Not at the book, at the reviewers.

If you decide to read it, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Mar 31, Blodeuedd Finland rated it really liked it Shelves: She’s traumatized and being pushed towards a destiny not of her own choosing. Eempress of Mijak Empress of Mijak first edition cover. At the end I want more.

In that respect, the above confusions are deeply realistic.

When a scrawny unwanted girl child is sold into slavery, a chain of events is set in motion that will have a profound impact on all the civilized world.

Views Read Edit View history. Emlress enjoyed the world building we got in Et-Raklion and how much we learned about the religion and a God who is very much present in its people’s lives. With the single, strange exception that women can become warriors The world of Mijak is brutal, unrelenting and savage.


To have her as a protagonist gives the reader an insight into her motives and reasons, making her more than some faceless enemy.

From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism

But Hekat ruined everything, I really hated her and she’s the main character! Hekat is one of the most intriguing main characters I’ve ever seen — genre fiction or not — and the feminist reader in me was pleased that she’s granted full person-ness: It’s just a shame the book isn’t half as long. Hekat begins the novel as a pitiable creature, dirty, naked, starving, abused. Hekat slave to no man and will destroy anyone she thinks might stand in her way, including her own son.

A lot of the reviews here talk about how she’s meant empresz be unlikeable, but I like some empresss reviewers didn’t see it that way.

Novel Review – Empress of Mijak | WWEnd

I can handle antiheroes, but they must have some spark of underlying humanity, and the world of Empress was just dark, dark, dark. As many other reviewers have pointed out, this is repetitive to the point of annoyance. Lots of issues are raised mija never really addressed.

However, the problems within it detract from its strengths and make what could have been great simply good. I somehow doubt that I’m missing much.

Unfortunately, the story itself does not do justice to empress villain-as-hero paradigm shift. She was bought because she is beautiful, is 12 years old, and the flesh-traitors plan on investing into her so they can sell her as a noble’s concubine eventually.

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