By: feathersmmmm. Edward Wallbanger Chapter 2, a Twilight fanfic – Chapter 1 of a Twilight – Humor/Romance fanfiction with. edward cullen a.k.a Womanizer -ericastwilight. the list-lauraAcullen. edward wallbanger-feathersmmmm. caravaggio-meimei a love that lasts-anallbr. Edward Wallbanger By: feathersmmmm. Bella moves into a Bella’s back hurts, can her new roommate Edward the chiropractor help her? Will they behave?.

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Can Bella stay out of feathhersmmmm once and for all? Bandaged head to toe, his disdain for hospital staff extends even to the woman who saved his life. Little do they know that they have actually been conversing for several months under assumed names. He broke her heart on the night she had the biggest news to tell him. To ask other readers questions about Edward Wallbangerplease sign up. M for lang mostly. Can unforeseen circumstances show them what they missed?

Rated M for hot Miami nights. Am I on TV? After Mary Sue threatened to leave the Harry Potter fandom because her opus “When Harry met Mary” was laughed at, she was fandom wanked. Rachael rated it it was amazing May 07, But what happens when Edward discovers that Ben is actually a girl who goes by the name of Bella Swan?


AriCullen | FanFiction

Who do you choose? Up To Scratch by Vican reviews Mischievous alarm clocks, inappropriate Christmas gifts and slippery ice – Bella’s day just keeps going from bad to worse. Will she be able to resist him when someone from her past shows up? Bella learns of the bet through a friend and decides to string Edward along featheersmmmm a byy and subsequently land herself a hot date for her friend’s wedding.

Hit By Destiny by ocdmess reviews Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfilled when she gets hit by a shiny Volvo.

Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire By: In a race to get the story, love might become the headline – if they don’t kill each other first. Turning Dust into Gold by bethaboo reviews After college, best friends Bella, Rosalie and Alice have a run-in with their past.

Purelyamuse: Edward Wallbanger

I nibbled on his ear. Garrett rated it really liked it Dec 31, This love, she’s going to have to work for. The Cleaner by slyt reviews Homeless, Feathersmmm survives the only way she can. Does her sister’s wedding get in the way of her happiness? A friendship that evolves into a very sweet love story.


Twilight – Fanfiction Recommendations

Since Omnific a controversial, Twilighted. But in the end, will it be worth it? Bella is determined to find out the mysteries of Edward Cullen but with what results? Rated M for lemons and bad language. Will she ever realise her wlalbanger mate’s closer than she thinks and do what’s right?

Cullen wonders if he has found his next submissive in his Human Sexuality class, but she has been right before him for years unnoticed.

Part of his job was to protect the only witness’s identity from the murderer. Bella sees life through the black market only to be sold as a virgin beauty.

Few friendships survive a good fandom wank.

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