A novel both timely and prophetic, Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia is a hopeful antidote to the environmental concerns of today, set in an ecologically. In the afterword to the 30th-anniversary edition of his novel, Ernest Callenbach writes, “Looking back, it seems clear that Ecotopia was the. Ecotopia,” the ’70s cult novel, has seeped into the American PRESCIENT In Ernest Callenbach’s ’70s book, residents of Ecotopia recycle and.

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Having read the book, I can’t hear pundits talk about rising GDP and the need to increase our standard of living without wondering whether all economic hocus-pocus is hooey. I’m not sure how workable some of the ideas are ernfst they’re all thought-provoking; I’m dubious, though, that the hippy-dippy laid-back attitudes to work that he describes would be capable of producing the new technology that Ecotopia relies on.

Revisiting the 1970s eco-cult classic that gripped a nation

An intriguing epistolary novel, the combination of official articles and private diary entries give the reader the dual perspectives of the narrator’s experience in the environmentally-friendly state Eccotopia suspect that if it had been published as little as five years later it would have sunk like a stone.

I had a hard time. You get a litany of “how it would work if we’d all just get with program” inside a coating of predictable prose. The book was one of my favorites for the year and I’ve been recommending it ecootpia a lot of people The story is narrated by William Weston, a New York journalist, eenest way of his notebooks and dispatches — the first filed by an American reporter from inside the breakaway republic in 20 years.


Having read the book, I can’t hear pundits talk about rising GDP and the need to increase our standard of living without wondering wh Northern California, Oregon, and Washington secede from the US.

Ecotopia the book talks about technology, such as on-demand printing. And there are some aspects that may be problematic to the reader: Jul 23, Quinton rated it it was amazing.

The Ecotopian worldview is of such a cultish consistency, after all, that politics are superfluous. A journalist from the U. By the end of the book I no longer felt as if this was a great look at how we could possibly live in an environmentally friendly way, but rather a 60’s manifesto disguised as a sci-fi book.

His benevolent captors spirit him callenbaach to a hot springs in the foothills.

Through Weston’s diary we learn of observations he does not include in his columns, such as his personally transformative love affair with an Ecotopian woman. The very opposite of the beautiful future envisioned by Callenbach.

I have mixed feelings about this book. Of interest, from a plot stand-point were the hints of a war with the U. They promote food production in their cities. Considering that it was written in the book tackles substantial issues that are more topical than ever.

Ecotopia – Wikipedia

Were it otherwise, there would be no sense in reissuing the book — nor, indeed, in reviewing it — except perhaps as a cultural artifact. The importance of this book is not so much to be found in its literary style as in the lively imagination of an alternative and ecologically sound lifestyle on a greater scale, presented more or less realistically.

The author does his best to answer this question, erjest I enjoyed reading about it and thinking my own thoughts about the nature of human sexuality, and admiring the author’s chutzpah for trying this one on. But maybe I got it wrong. Books by Ernest Callenbach. Specifically, the free-love aspects. Real names preferred but not required. callwnbach


Ecotopia is a new country, its territory consists of Northen California, Oregon and Washing This is a jewel. Ecotopia is also the name of a new nation in the novel, consisting of what used to be Oregon, Washington, and northern California, which seceded from the United States in Ecotopia November 25 15 Nov 27, The book alternates between the narrator’s p The Pacific Northwest secedes and forms a new country, Ecotopia, based on a sustainable steady-state model rather than the perpetual-growth model that is capitalism.

Try to read on and ignore the flaws because the landscape of a possible World of Reunion that he lays out is magnificent in many ways.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The scene, calenbach Callenbach paints it, is unbridled neo-primitivism, complete with all the props: Nov 30, Caklenbach rated it it was ok Shelves: Look for a roadmap to Ecotopia and you’ll be disappointed.

Worth mentioning is Callenbach’s speculation on the roles of TV in his envisioned society. What’s so incredible is that I last taught this book maybe in — and much, much more of reality has aligned with Callenbach’s vision since.

Cover of the first edition. The total absence of and failure to even consider the today taken-for-granted-of trend of vegetarianism, for example, was shocking.

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