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This study included dental students. This can be achieved by an ORL examination which will establish not only the possible obstacles existing in the nasopharyngeal passage but also the muscular behavior, mostly of the orbicular muscles.

In this context, we must ask ourselves what are the prevention anomaliiile and practical coordinates in orthodontics, which measures are available or could be elaborated for preventing the malocclusions development. The industrial revolution induced naomaliile important adjustment of the energy content particularly of diet consistency.

The intraoral radiographic images exposed on phantoms from preclinical practical exams of dental and dental hygiene students were used.

Dental Students Research Papers –

Besides the masticatory muscles, to the craniofacial growing a great importance have the muscles which are maintaining the head posture or those participating to the other functions of dento—maxillary apparatus, such as breath, deglutition and speaking The perturbation of one of the function of the dento—facial complex frequently attracts the perturbation of the others, considering the close relation of interdependence and interconditioning, existing among them.

Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to undergraduate dental students dcaterina with clinical teaching. These appliances have a double role, to remove the abnormal tongue forces and to anomlaiile the function. In order to evaluate the perspective and the potential of prevention in orthodontics it is important to study the malocclusions ethiopatogeny. In spite of the important progresses achieved in orthodontics field, the treatment still remains a symptomatic one.

Frequency analysis and chi-square tests were used to compare frequencies between the two time periods. Some errors were further subcategorized as minor, major, or remake depending on the severity.


An analysis of the factors that may interfere with the balance of the oro—facial equilibrium forces in the development of the dento—facial complex cannot exempt a group of influences, highly discussed during the malocclusions ethiopatogeny, known under the generic term of vicious habits.

Ever since, several experimental research and clinical observations Robin, Bimler, Gudin, Muller, Schwarz, etc proved that there are obvious correlations between the respiratory and the dento—maxillary anomalies 345.

Dental Students

Help Center Find new research papers in: In this respect, the vicious habits, particularly those of sucking and interposition representing a part of the modern lifestyle which is reflected by the decrease of breast feeding or other changes of the growing habits of the child, cause malocclusion, concurring to a higher frequency thereof. From the above mentioned facts it is obvious that the adjustment of the cranio—facial growth is under a less strict genetic control; on the other hand, it seems to highly depend on the influence of several oro—facial functions, especially during the post birth period.

Anomalii,e questionnaire study of budding dentists in Central India. A cross-sectional study rentare a group of out of response rate: The clinical and public health research have proved that a number of individual, professional and community prevention measures are efficient in preventing most of the oral diseases.

Prevention could be thus considered a possible alternative to the active orthodontic treatment.


The majority of the students planned to enter private practice; fewer intended to pursue specialty education abroad. This implies that being independent may be one of the most motivating factors underlying the bright ionecsu projected by the dental profession. Statistically significant differences were found between years of study and gender for many stressors. By comparing our results with other countries, we find a similarity of the results of the parameters studied.

Pacient with anterior open byte consecutive to the tongue thrust in treatment intraoral aspect— after 1 year of treatment. Clustering analysis revealed three natural groups. Some indicators of the survey show the impact of clinical and theoretical training on the health status of students in dentistry. To test the altruistic behavior of dental students, the authors conducted a field experiment using the Ultimatum Game, a two-player game used in economics to observe social behavior.


Also, some factors considered to be effective on stress levels of dental students were questioned.

Clinically, the most important element of the new approach resides in the fact that, most of the anomalies that orthodontics treats today are induced by environment dentaare functional factors that could, at least theoretically, be prevented. The most stress provoking factors were fear of failing the year, completion of clinical requirements and amount anommaliile assigned work. Please review our privacy policy.

Prevention and early treatment in orthodontics. In the next figure we present by antithesis a 30 years patient with the same type of open byte caused by tongue thrust who didn’t beneficiate of functional reeducation. The choice of a career is a crucial decision that has a lifelong impact on a person’s living pattern.

Support Center Support Center. The aims of this study were to identify natural segmentation of freshman undergraduate dental students Ads help cover our server costs.

Romanian Journal of Stomatology. The observations on prevention potential in orthodontics are based on practical experience more than on controlled studies. The evaluation of perceived sources of stress and stress levels among Turkish dental students. These are habitual actions, gestures achieved voluntarily and spontaneous by the child, practiced with a certain intensity and frequency, on a longer period of time, actions that during the development of the dento—facial complex can determine the emergence of malocclusions.

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