Duhovna lira: duhovne pesme kod Srba by Jelisaveta Arsenijević · Duhovna lira : duhovne pesme kod Srba. by Jelisaveta Arsenijević; Slađana Borota; Nikolaj. Duhovna lira: duhovne pesme kod Srba. Responsibility: Srbske duhovne pesme po zalisima Vladike Nikolaja i drugih nepozatih autora. Sound: digital; optical. Pravoslavna duhovna lira (, p. ). Velimirović (, pp. XV/31). Velimirović (, pp. XI/). Čalić (, p. 36). Florovski (, p. 37). „Nije sretan.

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One of them, usually the most skilful in reading, reads Gospel and Lives of the Saints; they read prayers and sing certain troparia and church songs. His Grace Bishop Dr. Any reproduction of content from this site must udhovna quoted in its entirety with the source cited. She made note of the writings of Fr.

Nedeljko Grgurevich, and appointed priest Fr. Even if we stand at the very summit of virtue, it is by mercy that we shall be saved. A sampling from the major and some minor feasts, drawing from various liturgical traditions, and a mix of liturgical and paraliturgical hymns? Thats what i was afraid of as there are just too many hymns. Well, there are some releases of e. Velimir Petakovic, and appointed priest Fr. The proposed changes, touching mostly on the method of appointing parish clergy and definitions of church membership, gave rise to an extended discussion of the structure of the Orthodox Church, how that structure reflects our faith and practice, and how that needs to be incarnated in every aspect of church life.

Because the Holy Spirit is in Christ’s Church, the gates of hell will not prevail against her.


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The committee is planning a workshop to be held in Jackson this October, and another in Lansing, IL in the Spring of There are only liturgical books. Members of the pious movement realized their duhovna lira activities on several levels: If so, it sounds like a great project! We look to the church Fathers, the Holy Councils, the Creed and the Church’s other signposts of faith as confirmation of our faith’s unchanging character.

Interest in a curriculum specific to the Serbian Orthodox Church was expressed by one of the participants. The availability of the Orthodox Christian Education Commission curriculum and related materials was discussed. One group of pious people, peasants in Vojvodina, mostly Srem and Banat, organized in the last years of the 19th and the beginning duhovna lira the 20th centuries, was among them.

Following the lunch break the Assembly continued its work with the second plenary session in which the chairpersons of the Central Church Standing Committees presented reports on their committee activities for the past three years. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery. Basil of Ostrog, White Angel, St. Buy one today and get the CD for free shipping and handling extra!

The Assembly was a powerful witness to the unity of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North America and pointed to a growing spiritual maturity. Ideal gift for Churches, or for home prayer corner.

Mitrophan gave a brief presentation on the history and accomplishments of the School of Theology in its 20 years of existence, including the 55 clergy who have graduated from it to date.

Music had important role in the movement. Assisting the hierarchs at this most majestic service were five priests, the Episcopal deputies of each diocese, and seven deacons. Moreover, the Metropolitan kira the point that our exclusivist ideas of nationalism can even be considered contrary to the very nature of the church as it was founded on the feast of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and united the nations.


The great interest that both clergy and laity had in the work of these committees was proven by the discussions which concluded each workshop. Duhocna basic content of duhovna lira secular religious movement was penitence and solid moral life — personal, domestic and social. My biggest problem with them is that most people are actually more interested in them than in real liturgical music. Kinda like the baptist folk have? This committee is also in charge of compiling the curriculum for the diocesan camps of which Fr.


Moreover, it was common to see clergy and delegates with tote bags and pamphlets in hand going from one workshop to another as nearly each workshop offered informative literature on their particular ministry. The Assembly finally reconvened in the main hall for the final plenary session.

Nationalism, he reminded the Assembly, does not save us; Christ and His Church do save us. Nikolai Velimirovic, with other publications due out in the near future.


Home Back Print Top. Duhovna lira efforts were reinforced when they had recognized that other religious organizations, such as Adventist movement, made use of public hymn singing to attract people. Dennis Pavichevich; for the Eastern Diocese: That makes no sense.