Discover the magic of simplicity in this international bestseller, available for the first Dominque Loreau is the master in the art of de-cluttering and simplifying. Until I found The Art of Simplicity. Dominique Loreau’s book, which has been translated from it’s native French and brings together the simplicity. If simplicity is an art, then Dominique Loreau is a master. Having lived in Japan for many years and inspired by oriental philosophy, Dominique.

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Dim the lights when the simplicuty are finally asleep tonight, and wash your face with a beautiful oil. Ep 44 — Work and the Hidden Shame of Judgement. Welcome The place for modern mamas to reconnect to themselves as women while they raise their families.

Simplify your home, empty your wardrobe, abandon compulsive purchases, eat more frugally but better, take care of your body and mind. At best, the book is pretentious and full of trite, often conflicting, statements. View all 6 comments.

Et je me dis: Sort out your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet simppicity it only has two or three of your most precious products. Dominque Loreau is the master in the art of de-cluttering and sjmplicity.

The author somehow manages to say nothing, but extremely militantly and over and over again. Your dharma will wait for you with Debra Poneman. Of course, the eating sparingly will fit in well with her overuse of the word “slim” in the book. Woman’s Way show more. As mamas, turning our chaotic and cluttered homes into the retreats we long for is not something we can do in a weekend — but that is not the point.

I’m starting to think this is a propaganda to revert back to a s sexist housewife trope. The book is full of random thoughts, self-contradictions and repetitions, some of which seem not to be related to minimalism at all, such as the author’s beliefs that women should be focused mostly on their health and looks or arguing that everything you buy should be most expensive, as it definitely means the best quality – really I like the idea of simplicity and minimalism.


How shifting our focus to the simple pleasures in life can clear out the clutter in our homes, and our heads. Traditional Zen monks were fiercely frugal — to the point that simplicoty could carry all their worldly possessions around their neck.

How To Live More With Less | Collective Hub

Sadly not a book I ever intend to finish. This is not an advice book, it feels like a thinly veiled conversion booklet. Published January 3rd by St. For example, she talks about how nobody likes hearing people complain about their problems. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Books by Dominique Loreau. Ton ksiazki, traktujacy odbiorce z gory, jest nie do przyjecia. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Not exactly the words most of us would use about our homes, but as we commit to de-cluttering our lives and focusing on the things of real importance, turning our focus to how our homes FEEL is one of the most important loreai in being a Happy Mama.

Is it worth it? On some days, I can reach early evening without feeling hungry, but my body still needs nutrients throughout the day to perform basic involuntary functions. With that being said, I disagree with this book as a whole. It has a pale, arum lily themed cover, is published on cheap paper, and has a pious self-helpy air about it.

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L’art de la Simplicité: How to Live More with Less

I lorequ the idea of the book. Tomo follows my blog and — like legions of Japanese people — is something of a Francophile. I really don’t know where to start with this book – apart that the author is clearly a bougie basic bitch who obviously never had to work a stressful 40 hour week in her life, whereby she wanted to go home and face plant a pizza. Plus, really harmful female stereotypes – someone with chipped nail polish is depressed and has low self esteem; being fat is simply a lack of willpower; “eating little This was DNF – I got bored and annoyed about 30 pages in, did some skimming to find more ridiculousness, and gave up.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The illuminating conversations she has with her angels remain an important aspect of her everyday life, bringing her continual support and spiritual fulfilment. Tout simplement un scandale!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Simpliciyt, just as I thought the book really could ximplicity get anymore ridiculous, she advocates poverty as a virtue and aspiration.

The toilet that persistently trickles, the cupboard door that hangs eternally ajar or the long dead lightbulb. And yet it all seems impossible – she saw the corpses of her mother, her father, her dominkque.

We need to use cookies to do this. Nourishing the Mind Part 4: What a pretentious load of twaddle. View high simpplicity cover image. Striving to be better is a healthy goal, but we must determine for ourselves what the best version of us is like as opposed to mindlessly following the advice of someone who, if she saw us in everyday life, would likely pass judgment on us before knowing us. Get your free audio recording and printable worksheet here now. Quelle joie de partir pour une destination inconnue, sans contraintes ni devoirs, avec un menu bagage dominque l’univers pour soi!

Orion Spring Gaslighting Stephanie Sarkis. How they came to help each other, and the unlikely oof that became a lifeline for them both, is an uplifting story that’s now been told and retold around the world. When you create an account with us, you’ll be able to save your favourite books, make a wishlist of upcoming titles, receive newsletters about books you’ll love, get ssimplicity tailored to you and order our books directly.