I’ve been trying to read the rule book for the old FASA RPG, but it is stiff going. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to. A FASA Doctor Who role-playing game resource site. FASA – Doctor Who RPG – The Iytean Menace – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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The Doctor Who Role Playing Game

That was only the first mystery that confronted the Time Lord and his Companions when they set out to investigate a violent revolution in an age of turmoil, and stumbled into a plot that could end human history dctor and change the universe forever.

And that he was behind the War Chief’s plot with the War Lords. To bad they’re caught up in a civil war just now.

But they do not have much time. There is no hydrographics roll like in Traveller, but there are two independent tables that tell you how many continents and oceans there are.

Interstellar civilizations can only be made with game master fiat. For example, it claims that the Monk was an alias adopted by the Rph. The player’s handbook sometimes had inaccurate information, reflecting the fact that the CIA sometimes had gaps in its knowledge. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Hopefully this information will be useful in helping you plan your own Doctor Who game.

On the off chance that you might want to do the same, let me tell you the basic features of these systems: To join the Doctor in his adventures to defeat the foes of the universe, you only need your imagination, a pencil, some paper, and this game! The surprise, however, would be ruined if the players saw the cover of the publication, as it prominently featured a Cyberman. The Cybermen book is for the gamemaster’s eyes only and provides detailed information concerning Cybermen and hints dho creating adventures.


The Cybermen are terrorising the space lanes. This game suffered from very bad placement in other words, it was sold with Dr Who books, not with the RPGs and there have been eho official supplements other than a ddoctor of Dr Who magazine articles. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Interestingly enough and in keeping with the source materialthe non-combat oriented characters found plenty to do in combat situations besides combat actions. You have a skill level, and a difficultly level.

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Who-RPG: Resources for Doctor Who Roleplaying Games

The cover featured the Second Doctor and Victoria Waterfield. A lost city and a vanished race from the depths of time and doctlr hold the key to the destiny of the Earth, unless the adventurers can penetrate the mysteries of the City of Gold. The other attributes will give you skill points equal to your attribute score times your attribute level.

And the Sontarans and Rutans are battling to see who wins the galaxy. They will stop at nothing in their never-ending quest for galactic supremacy.

FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

Not only is it extremely likely for there to be two or more terrestrial planets in the same star system, but those worlds are also extremely likely to share the same orbits! Successful General Medicine for wound treatment rolls can double the Wound Heal Rate for up to 48 hours. The game was released in eoctor printings. The game was based on the programme and used it as its primary source material.


Tuesday, 29th March, Before the adventure is over, the Doctor and his Companions must contend not only with the death-dealing gravity bubble, but with the ship’s paranoid computer, space piratesand an attack by androids as well. One thing to keep in mind when you are skill shopping: I’m no expert on the series, but it looks like the writers put a lot of love into the writing.

The supplements contained two pamphlets, one for players and another for game masters. The supplements contained two pamphlets, one for game masters and another for players. Density is assumed to be earth-like, so qho gravity level determines planet size and diameter. A more sophisticated adventure will have several possible finales, depending on decisions made by the players during the adventure.


Two part module that includes full details about the Daleks’ back story, playing guide stats and new scenario. This adventure featured the Cybermenbut this was intended to be a surprise to the players, as they would initially only encounter androids of unknown origin, as in TV: Freddo on Solomon Kane, Mad Max, and…. Too bad, too, that they’ve forgotten the rest of the universe exists The Daleks are invading Earth.

Consequently, in later years, certain non-television stories presented wildly different interpretations and explanations, making the FASA Role Playing Game retroactively look “discontinuous” to some. Cast Supporting characters Guest appearances. The Time Lord and his Companions are sent to Hartlewick, England to locate the source of this unexplained energy field.