Start studying “Disguises” By: Jean Fong Kwok. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The main events are, that Mrs. Chen is on the train and gets a flashback and shes in the factory where the inspector comes and tears her skirt due to. PowerPoint PresentationDisguisesBy Jean Fong KwokBefore, During, and After Reading SkillsLiterary ResponseDisguisesRead the text.

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Chen gets home safely.

Which Vocabulary words do you not recognize? Downfall of popula … rity 6.

“Disguises” By Jean Fong Kwok.

Choose a video to embed. When she wins a contest 3. Chen is on her way home.

Natural theology and nature’s disguises Documents. What is story in disguise an anecdote? Pick the best answer. Which images do you think will be most important as you read the story? A Chinese student helps her. Published on Dec View Download 1.


Explain the reasons for your response. Her speech; she wins 7. The Many Disguises of Susanna Documents. What events take place within this flashback? Guises and disguises of quadratic divergences Documents. Chen prays, she feels a hand close to her ear trying to reach for the amulet as though it were trying to take it before she could finish her prayer. Explain your ideas and thoughts.

GOD… My favorite culture and people on the planet, thank you for educating me. What are the main events of the story Greyling? Want to get some nice things? Explain your thoughts and ideas and use evidence from the text to support your response. What details about Mrs.

Your writing is even better, if this is possible! Finally she finds this young school boy who helps to escort her home and finally shes greeted by her husband lwok son, Sunny. As the half-empty subway car lurched through the tunnel, its movement sporadically flung her head upward.

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Disguises by Jay Lange on Prezi

As you read, look for clues that clarify the sequence of events and reveal the time and place in which the events took place. Make a list of the things you know or think you know based only on the text features.

The main characters in the story are: Then, Brother teaches Doodle to run. What did the main character do for a job? She took the subway home from the factory in Chinatown. Later she gets another flashback about this girl called Lia Fong and how she obeys her home.

If you wish to jeaj it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. The plot is sometimes called the story line.

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