This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the RP12 from DigiTech. Owner’s Manual. RP Owner’s Manual. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Manufacturer’s Name: Manufacturer’s Address: Digitech S. Sandy Parkway . Way over the top pre-programed effects!! Whammy pedal, Wah-wah, zip-zap bang!! Visit the past from the comfort of your home. All parameters.

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The Pedalboard functions can be broken down into two sections: You may have noticed, as you increment and decrement the Step Number, the Program Name and number change with the step num- ber.

schematic digitech rp12 Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

The Parameters are as follows: Best would be to measure the voltage with a voltmeter. Each Function key is num- bered and performs several functions in the Utility and MIDI modes depending on the selected menu screen. To reassign the link: Sets the interval between the original note and the pitch shifted note.

Which benefits do I get by installing the 2. Now take a look at the middle and lower curves in the diagram, and notice the much narrower bandwidth of the curves with a Q setting of 4 and 8.

A Harman International Company.

Allows you to set the musical key for har- monies. Ranges from 25 to milliseconds.


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Broken down into individual categories, specific Modules and their abbreviated library names are as follows: But really no regrets in sound. The expression pedals can be assigned many paramtres out of the expression for the whammy and wah-wah or volume. Turns the Module on or off. Did you find this review helpful? The device n’tait not given the era Fbut remains an economic solution over the purchase of a rack and a pdalier control.

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Where can I get the 2. Smooth Pitch is a single voice diatonic pitch shifting module with significantly improved tracking. Do not attempt to service the unit yourself.

Pedalboard functions that affect the processor directly and Pedalboard functions that interact with MIDI and then affect the processor. Digitsch firmware version in shown there while boot up. How can I find out the installed firmware version of my RP10? From the MIDI options menu: I don’t know, though, if patches written on lower firmware versions will seamlessly load back into a RP10 with the latest firmware 2.

Controls the overall level of the wah effect. This is particularly useful for backing up the memory of the RP, or copying all the Programs from one RP to another. There are two audio trig- gering options and one manual triggering option.


When you change programs using the pedalboard, any unstored modifications you have made to a Program will be lost.

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Links to other related RP10 sites http: Switch on the unit while watching the display. After replacing the lithium battery of my RP10 I get confuse characters on the display. What was the latest and final firmware version for the RP10?

Description BigVerb Studio-quality reverb. ER set- tings digiteech BigVerb only. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. What can I do?

Personally I want to stay with Digitech effects but rather in rack version. This control should be set in relation to the amount of pitch shifting to be performed. If it is lower, replace the battery.

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Write a user review Ask for a user review. If you want to buy the upgrade visit my webshop here! If a Parameter has not been selected for continuous control, the display briefly reads:

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