De speelkaart: Zes eeuwen des duivels prentenboek (Dutch Edition) [Nico Peters van Berkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He succeeded in inspiring a whole generation of mechanical engineers and his work has been published as “des duivels prentenboek”. It has been and still is. The collection can be regarded as the first version of the design principles book, written in Dutch, and commonly known as ”Des Duivels.

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The easiest and cheapest training is by getting to know those mistakes.

This effect is noticed more when learning after a normal working day, people are tired in the evenings. Readily available Finite Element Method FEM models allow analysis of complex models with a large range of motion combined with high accuracy. If previously you needed duiels create a positioning system, you did that with a cam drive and a drive chain up to the element that duivfls had to position properly.

That can be complicated, so we have called it energy compensation. High Tech Institute organises the training ‘Design principles for precision engineering’ twice a year. After that it becomes exciting, because you are very ds to physics.

Primarily, designers need to get a feel for the details. Huub Janssen is the new figurehead of the Design Principles training course.

He has a lot of fun in the projects he does for ASML, but his agenda is just too full. To strongly reduce computation time of flexure models we build on a beam duivele element formulation for large deflection multibody systems developed by Jonker and Meijaard.

This means euivels some engineering firms then choose on a costs basis or for an evening version. Thus, Van Eijk and Rankers had to go in quest of successors.

The knowledge and experience for the design principles training course Design Principles comes from the ideology of Wim van der Hoek, the renowned Professor of precision technology, to which Dutch high tech owes a lot of its design principles and knowledge.


They took advantage of this situation to reformulate the training course itself. How do they solve matters? Also, it is available for incompany prentejboek.

Des duivels prentenboek: blijspel in vier bedrijven – Ary den Hertog – Google Books

For approximately a year now, the training programme has been in the hands of a strong team of specialists from the Dutch precision world. In other organisations, the training is also available as a three-day variant. Keep up-to-date with our courses Subscribe. Please see the movie in the link below:.

What should prentenhoek pay attention to? Calculation techniques will come after that. Piet van Rens was for many years the face of the Design Principles training course.

In addition to Van Rens, a handful of top experts have been found, to immerse the course participants in trusted fundamental knowledge and insights, as well as in relevant additions to the engineering field. From onwards Professor M.

Precision Engineering

But you can also call it dees balancing. This hands-on element is precisely what is killed in the shortened version. Van der Hoek devised a number of essential design principles in the sixties and seventies, such as the famous hole hinges, with which machine builders could achieve nanometre precision. Piet van Rens also has experience as a trainer for this three-day variant. Koster switched to the University of Twente but stayed with Philips.

Please see the movie in the link below: If you can see that, the way to the solution is close. Koster retired inProfessor H. Of course they are needed, but calculating is the last ten percent of the job.

Yet we had no other option. Over the entire period several people have made additional important contributions to the collection. With the addition of design insights and experiences gained by students and colleagues at the University of Eindhoven, and by design engineers at Philips and other companies, this chapter became a tool for learning how to design, as well as a reference tool for more experienced design engineers.


Brouwer also handles energy compensation and gravity compensation techniques think of the kitchen cabinets that you can open and close vertically and which can stay in each position whilst they move up and down easily. They ensure that the contents really sink in and the participants actually understand and apply them to their work. The updated training course includes countless new elements. However, for large range of motion flexure mechanisms with the inherent non-linear behaviour, combined with the large number of elements for achieving sufficient accuracy, the models become time consuming.

He stated that you learn best by making mistakes. They tell you exactly what the position or position error is. The biggest changes are the addition of new top specialists and new focus points. If you only give lectures, then the outcome is really less effective,’ states Van Rens. Then we have a large group discussion. Piet van Rens, who was for a long time the face of the course, wanted to considerably limit his work as a structural engineering trainer.

These kinds of trends make the subject choice for the Design Principles training shift, although it is still true that you can never get a high-quality system solution with rattling mechanics,’ emphasises Rankers. During his part-time professorship, Van der Hoek asked his students to do thought experiments. It is no coincidence that Janssen wants to enrich the training by injecting experience and exercises.

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