This manual is a standard service manual of Dell Inc. containing information required for 1) Select the [Dell MFP Laser cn scanner]. Check the [Dell MFP Laser cn scanner] icon in the [Scanners and Cameras] of the [Printers and Other Hardware] of the [Control Panel]. Check the following. cn Color Laser Printer All in One Printer pdf manual download. Connect a USB cable from the Dell MFP Laser cn to your computer. NOTE: When the.

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Each section of nnn. Steps 1 through 5 are for reference. Chapter 6 Principle of Operation Fax 3. Chapter 6 Principle of Operation Fax 5.


The lead edge of the document sheet is then fed from the Regi Roll to the scan feed reference position Wait Positionlocated upstream from the CVT position, where the document stops. Hold one print cartridge firmly and shake it five or six times to distribute the toner 31115cn.

Checking the toner cartridge installation Reseat the four toner cartridges. Exposure Lamp that illuminates light onto the document, CCD image sensor that reads light reflected from the document, and the lenses and mirrors comprising the light path for the optical image.

PaperPort is a program that you organize, find and share all your paper and digital documents, and is supplied with your multifunction printer. To print a sample of the available Adobe PostScript 3 fonts.


To continue using , please upgrade your browser.

Note that values and are not valid for the first three-digits. Paper Tray Specifies the input tray. Connection Time-Out Sets the connection timeout period from 1 to seconds. Chapter 5 Parts List 1. Load the document to be copied on the document feeder glass, and close the cover.

Is a modem sound present at transmission? The above example describes the setup method executed when csh is used.

Links to the Dell web page. Replace the paper with Checking the Front Cover a new and dry one. Trademarks used in this text: Chapter 8 Printer Specifications 2. Does the error still occur when printing? Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Is the cable type correct?

Buzzer goes off when the machine is left powered on with the front cover open 33115cn five minutes or longer to prevent the drum deterioration due to exposure to light. If jammed paper cannot be found, go to the next step. Type Delay Start Specifies the delay start time between 1 and seconds.

Color Saturation Adjusts the amount of color to make the colors deeper or lighter than the original. And you need to check the Copy the settings to the Host in the above list and reboot the 3115xn menu of the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool in the destination printer to verify if settings were actually copied or not.

The information thus available can be used for troubleshooting and are required when contacting the call center.


The Get Information from Printer function on the Options tab of the printer driver is not available when using this mode. Is the toner cartridge installed the cn? Checking the laser beam path.

Dell 3115cn Service Manual

When you delete the last speed dial in a group, the group itself is not deleted. Print image Quality 8.

Paper Used Displays the number of pages for each paper size. Label Inkjet Printer paper cannot be used. Confirming Transmissions When the last page of your document has been sent successfully, the multifunction printer beeps and returns to the standby mode. Non-Dell-brand print cartridges may disable some printer features, reduce print quality and Toner reduce the reliability of your multifunction printer.

Described in this section is a 31155cn for selecting originals suitable for ADF. Prints multiple image copies from the original document on a single page.

When you enter a fixed IP address, avoid the ” Posted on Jan 02, Select the paper type from the operator panel if any print media other than plain print media is loaded.

To share a locally-attached printer on the network, you need to share the multifunction printer, and then install majual shared printer on network clients: The following directories must be deleted.