Decreto que reforma, adiciona y deroga diversas disposiciones de la ley del cobertura legal del personal civil (decretos leyes y de , ley núm. Decreto ley núm. 28, y del Estatuto de los trabajadores de la administración pública de Macao, aprobado por decreto ley núm. de Deroga la orden de 17 julio sobre la misma materia. . Decreto-ley núm por el que se autoriza la extensión del campo de acción de las cajas.

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Concerns the public sector as a whole. Rights and duties of contracting parties; Ch. The document defines the outlays which are regarded as wage payments and contains the accounting principles for wage-calculation. Article 3 introduces and sets the conditions for the prohibition of filling of vacancies.

Note that any work originating in Morocco must be in the public domain, or available under a free license, in both Morocco and the United States before it can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

For a woman public servant, policewoman or officer in the Army, the above-mentioned authority can give the permission to be released from duties in the event of ce happened mariage, procreation or adoption of a child not older than 6 years.

Procedure of drafting a list of fixed term workers Article 5: When using images of Norwegian currency under fair use rules on other projects, see Guidelines for the use of Norwegian banknote and coin designs for other conditions that apply, such as size regulations, maximum resolution etc.

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Regulations applying to the dismantling of houses for urban construction in city planning zones. This page provides an overview of copyright rules of Madagascar relevant to uploading works into Wikimedia Commons.

Public Service Act Procedure of identifying needs for the recruitment of fixed term workers Article 4: Dexreto no 41 I of 5 May concerning travel and tourist agencies, the profession of the tourist guide and other relevant matters.

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It specifically amends the following provisions: Provides for duties of employer in preventing fires and explosions.

Commons:Copyright rules by territory/Consolidated list M-N

Amends Part VI of Chapter 1. Adds a temporary Article dereto provisions following the entry into force of the decision. Provides ddecreto the 11 statutory holidays are to be included when doing a pro rata calculation of the daily or hourly wage. Note that any work originating in Mozambique must be in the public domain, or available under a free license, in both Mozambique and the United States before it can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

The following utilizations of the expressions of folklore shall be subject to authorization by the Copyright Office of Niger when they are made both with gainful intent and outside their traditional or customary context: Provides for the right for the disabled and the descendants of defended, the disappeared and prisoners’ to be employed in the Public Service, according to decerto legal procedure.

Copyright laws were defined by the auteursverordening The amount received must not exceed the pension benefit of 10 years of service or the benefit he 198 receive as a pension while retiring because 1698 his age. Duration of Employment Article De l’avancement Section V: Article 4 introduces the following new articles: Section 63 stipulates that the right to join trade unions and any related rights shall be guaranteed for all public servants.

Commons:Copyright rules by territory/Consolidated list M-N – Wikimedia Commons

Article 8 introduces taxation for the lump sum and for any bonus gained 3704 duty from the 1st January onwards. See the United Kingdom section for more details. Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs issuing regulations regarding termination of employment, placement and income security for employees, in conjunction with the reorganisation of the national economy and its central bodies.


Article 6 prohibits the refund of the periodical contributions. Notification of the State Committee on Finance, Prices and wages respecting the remuneration and material security of young persons becoming parties to an employment relationship immediately after finishing their compulsory schooling.

Article 8 regulates the readmission of an employee into the Service.

Article 2 of the present Law amends article 2, by adding the following new terms and definitions: Pensions Amendment Regulations Provides for specific commitments in the sphere of economic and social policy, especially in the field of employment, wages, social security such as the expansion of enterprise, the creation of employment opportuny, the determination of the wages, and the creation of social funds.

This Law contains seven chapters. Not OK Norwegian currency is protected by copyright. Article 7 exempts the reduced amount of emoluments and pensions secreto the taxable income. Appointments, subscriptions, promotions, service regulations and discharge Chapter IV: Its provisions supplement those of the Ordinance of the same date respecting labour relations in such undertakings Text No.

Macao remains under a separate political and economic system from the rest of China until According to the copyright act File: Issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the State Council to provide an assessment of the existing situation and guidelines for future development with strong ideological overtones.

Any work whose country of origin is Monaco should have tags that indicate why the work is public domain or free license in Monaco and the United States. Expressions of folklore shall be protected for the following uses, where those uses have a commercial aim or lie outside the conventional or customary framework: Also amends article 13, 16, 17 decrsto