Paz Márquez-Benítez (–) was a Filipina short-story writer. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Although she only had one more published short story after ” Dead Stars” entitled “A Night in the Hills,” she made her mark in Philippine literature. Dead Stars. 1. THE AUTHOR: PAZ MARQUEZ BENITEZ – Born in March 3, in Lucena, Quezon – She studied at the University of the. Dead Stars by Paz Marquez-Benitez Alfredo Salazar was betrothed to Esperanza , his girlfriend for four years. The start of their relationship was relatively “warm”.

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This was also the time when utilitarian literature was slowly being overshadowed by the individualistic, modern view of creating “art for art’s sake”.

It blew the hair away from her forehead, and whipped the tucked-up skirt around her straight, slender figure. Am I injuring anybody? Still, he had tried to be content and not to remember too much. Yet what could he say that would not offend? I feel so bad for Esperanza. I did not feel any sympathy for the main character. But there is none other more handy I did not mean that quite–” “Are you withdrawing the compliment?

The lone piano in the neighborhood alternately tinkled and banged away as the player’s moods altered. First thing that captured my mind is the colorful background on the life of the author. I have returned to it a few times over the years as well.

The young moon had set, and from the uninviting cot he could see one half of a star-studded sky. While the language may be a bit deep pxz possibly dated, I thought it had just the right amount of angst and bitterness of a “love” that is lost. Esperanza must be tired waiting. She was a member of the first freshman class of the University of the Philippines, srars with a Bachelor of Arts degree in The momentary excitement of meeting someone new.


Greed, he thought, was what ruined so many.

The thing that struck me most about Dead Stars is that it was so exquisitely written. What people will say–what will they not say? The educational system has improved.

Living with a man to whom she is not married–is that it? After a half hour or so, the chessboard would be brought out; then Alfredo and Julia Salas would go out to the porch to chat. Stillness, a vibrant quiet that affects the senses as does solemn harmony; a peace that is not contentment but a cessation of tumult when all violence of feeling tones down to the wistful serenity of regret.

In her smile one could see a liberal mind slip from time to time. Because this love may be classified as an abstract noun, it is all the more an emotion, and the greatest task bestowed upon us, lovers, is to be able to decipher if the feeling is rea It’s funny how we can all be Alfredo, Esperanza even Julia at one point in our lives.

A typical MMK story.

DEAD STARS by Paz Marquez Benitez

Tall and slender, he moved with an indolent ease that verged on grace. Still, you looked amused every time I–” “I was thinking of Mr. After reading this, I realized that sometimes, we let ourselves attract to the people or things we shouldn’t attract with.

At such times did Esperanza feel baffled and helpless; he was gentle, even tender, but immeasurably marquea away, beyond her reach. Besides the fact that the title of the short story appears in this passage, which I think is really lovely the titleI think I can relate to this somehow.


He was puzzled that she should smile with evident delight every time he addressed her thus. That was the town, a little up-tilted town nestling in the dark greenness of the groves. As lawyer–and as lover–Alfredo had found that out long before.

Paz Márquez-Benítez

University of the Philippines. New beginnings for the coming change. Where else, before bedtime on a moonlit night? Cruz whither the case of the People of the Philippine Islands vs. The story is a universal one at its heart. Men commit themselves when but half-meaning to do so, sacrificing possible future fullness of ecstasy to the craving for immediate excitement.

Dead Stars

I love the metaphors and the idyllic prose of Dead Stars. It was something unvolitional, maybe a recurrent awareness of irreplaceability. Six weeks ago that house meant nothing to him save that it was the Martinez house, rented and occupied by Judge del Valle and his family. Crap, I’m not into vocabulary lately but I got a mouthful of it from Dead Stars. He rose and quietly went out of the house. I also like how she made fead by the perspective of a man.

It was almost like poetry but with more narrative prose. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.