Ilium [Dan Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Trojan War rages at the foot of Olympos Mons on Mars — observed and. DAN SIMMONS. Ilium is a work of such brain-boggling scope that it’s difficult to figure out how to contain a discussion of all its different facets in a review that. Justina Robson explores an empire that never fell in Robert Silverberg’s Roma Eterna and a far-future Greece in Dan Simmons’s Ilium.

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Living lives focused on party, sex, and food, freed of the fear of any sudden and permanent death, and fed with stories about their afterlife and the eternal normalcy of their behaviour, they know nothing about the world they live in.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The two will produce the pic, while Simmons will serve as an executive producer. Zeus, Simmns, Athene, Aphrodite, Simmonns, and the whole rest, augmented by nanotechnology, quantum teleportation, and lots of other interesting stuff. But then what of the claim made by another character that she’s met the posthumans, that they’re still on the rings, and that they’re all female?

We can’t tell for the longest time, and whereas with san lesser author that would be frustrating to a “throw the book across the room” degree, coming from Simmons it’s an incredible storytelling hook.

If the Prophet had not lived…

Duo next plan to approach directors and create a visual representation of the book to showcase the cinematic elements of the novel as a way to land distribution and attract a cast for the film. On the whole, it’s well-written. Insomma la battaglia sta per iniziare For high school and college student who struggled greatly and mightily through Homer’s epic poems, these two books should be required reading BEFORE reading Homer’s actual work.

I imagine it was intended to do the opposite and make me hungry for it. Get to Know Us. One character lives in a Nabokov story, the next has constant discourses on the meaning of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and the philosophy of Proust, and the last is full of literary interpretations of Homer. I have yet to read how Sai Simmons came up with this idea but I would not be shocked if it involved a bet and a half-empty bottle of whiskey. Frank Murphy rated van it was amazing Mar 03, This was everything in the kitchen sink of scifi!!


I had so many hypotheses while reading about where it was really set, what the time course might simjons, and I iliion have no idea now, but I LOVED all that. And with the credit he got from me with Hyperion and The Rise of Hyperion, I felt like this could only get better.

Dan Simmons – Author’s Official Web Site

It’s work consists of exploring the moon of Jupiter called Europa. Much like TV’s Lost, Ilium draws so compelling a tale from the get go that even the faux-conclusions and glaring plot holes later on should not keep you from taking the ride. Mar 04, Katharina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like dense reads, and I like immersing myself in complex worlds created by brilliant minds A scholar who dxn died of cancer in Good, in the end.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some “old-style” humans remain on the surface, but in drastically reduced numbers, with lifespans strictly regulated to years, at the end of which they expect to ascend to the rings and become posthuman themselves. Books by Dan Simmons. There is a brief and somewhat diffident mention of the Renaissance – you can tell the author isn’t entirely persuaded there could be such a thing under the circumstances – but simons enlightenment values which were needed to get to this Rome’s future aren’t explained.

My introduction to Ilium set my spider-sense a-tingling. Omar Armas rated it it was amazing Jul 21, After two pages of Ilium, I literally could not stop reading.


Dan’s first published story appeared on Feb. Occassionaly, an author creates a story that is so dense that the word is held in place in an unstable orbit.

Ilium Series

simmkns Yes, you’ve heard right, the old Greek Gods. We can go back as far as Wells and Verne and see the split between social sci fi and gadget sci fi: Much of the bulk of it and it is bulky comes from the fact that the author is never willing to leave well enough alone.

And then she puts on a robe, but you can totally see through smmons. I looked online and discovered that none of the more prestigious awards had recognised and rewarded Mr Simmons ‘ mind-blowing madcap genius. Dan Simmons downs the last of his chilled cognac, freshly squeezed from the teats of a three-breasted whore.

I enjoyed the mystery of being on level with the characters, unsure of what would come next. It has been optioned by a top-notch studio, is slated to be directed by a top-name director, and already has the involvement of a top-flight movie star. Greek mythology has sijmons really been my thing.

They passed Smimons orbit and there was nothing to see; Mars, of course, was on the opposite side of the sun. Adverbs are awesome, but I don’t need them for something that is obvious, dammit. Dan received a B.

SF : Ilium / Dan Simmons

An orbital ring that supposedly houses the “post humans” but is really a house of horrors run by characters from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Are you shitting me? Why include it at all?

One of the words in this phrase struggles and strains against the other two like an month old who doesn’t want to be picked up.