The third of four books (though Curtis Jobling has proposed a fifth) and things aren’t going well for Drew Ferran and the Wolf’s Council. Book 2 saw the. Drew Ferran, the rightful King of Westland, is trapped. Enslaved by the Goatlord Kesslar, young werewolf Drew finds himself on the volcanic isle of Scoria, forced . Buy a cheap copy of Shadow of the Hawk book by Curtis Jobling. Drew Ferran, Lyssia’s last remaining Wolf and the rightful heir to the kingdom’s throne, is held.

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He manages to rekindle flames of hope in others around him, and leads them into truly triumphant victories that left me feeling exultant. The Red Fox Clan.

Wereworld: Shadow of the Hawk by Curtis Jobling – book review

The Island of Horses. Thanks for telling us about the problem. At the beginning of the book, they all seemed like the most unusual group of friends that I have ever read about.

They thought that it was all over. The Wereworld series of novels were first published joblong Penguin in the UK in Januarywith “Rise of the Wolf”, the first in the fantasy horror, shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Book Prize.

I must say that some characters have turned for worse, while some had become better. Forgive me if I get any names wrong. In this book, he has not let me down. The character who creeped me out the most was, without a doubt, Slotha, the Walrus of Tuskun. Drew was just really noble: Curtis goes more in depth it the action then most author do. It was fast paced as the other two books were and filled with action. Griffyn was a were-hawk, but his wings were cut off bawk the cat lords started to take over.

This was a wonderful ride, and I absolutely fell in love with the series at this point.


It’s a stunning piece of character development from Curtis Jobling – as is the way that Vega, the Prince of Pirates, continues to grow into a more honourable and loyal man than the trickster he once was. The way Curtis can explain the way the human body shape-shifts into their creature is quite intense. But Drew is not one to give in easily, and Kesslar may have a bigger problem on his hands than expected, particularly when Drew makes allies of his enemies in the gladiatorial pit… Curtis Jobling, it seems, is constantly writing- proven by t Review originally posted on ThirstforFiction.

Wereworld: Shadow of the Hawk (Book 3)

D And i can’t help but laugh over what happened to me when i said “Hey, i like this guy”. In the first two books there were many moments where he suffered extreme and totally understandable self-doubt, but there were a few key scenes where his natural gift for good and kind leadership shone through. But Curtis Jobling’s take is appealing. Apr 09, Arkarian Xerxes rated it it was amazing. Shadow of the Hawk by Curtis Jobling. I could see everything — every character, every setting, every battle.

And I fell in love with him from the word go! If I had to guess what time period it was taking place in, I would have to say that it would be in the Golden Age of Piracy. Rise of The Wolf Wereworld: Fans of the leading ladies Whitley and Gretchen will be disappointed as they get nothing more than lip service, although they are set to play a big part of Book 4.

But Drew is not one to give in easily, and Kesslar may have a bigger problem on his hands than expected, particularly when Drew makes allies of his enemies in the gladiatorial pit… Curtis Jobling, it seems, is constantly writing- proven by the fact that the third installment in his Wereworld series is being published a mere twelve months after the series debuted on the market, offering an alternative to the somewhat archetypal high-fantasy novels that feature dragons, elves and magic.


Jobling made characters so well, even the side ones, so you can’t help but feel I say safely, but that isn’t strictly true – his dabbling in the dark arts is beginning to have quite an effect on the young Wereboar, but more about that later.

Well, this was quite good and expertly interesting. The place is in a totally different world.

Shadow of the Hawk by Curtis Jobling

The entire kingdom of Lyssia is now at war, and the battle lines have been drawn. And by that i mean that you expect something Final rating: I also enjoyed seeing Drew’s brother Trent again who wants to track him down o eventually begins to discover the real truth about him.

Rocket Robinson and the Secret of the Saint. The worl Non stop excitement in this series, with lots of action and intrigue, and a twisting, turning tale of dramatic adventure. Can’t wait to read the sequel.

Wereworld: Shadow of the Hawk (Book 3) : Curtis Jobling :

These books will definitely not disappoint. But soon after, I started swaying, changed by his snarky humour and the care he showed towards his crew and the Weres on it. In the story, Drew, Taboo, Drake and Behemoth, along with Krieg all teamed up to kill the leader of a gladiator ring that they were apart of. Flight of the Falcon. Jobling takes the risk of alienating the reader in favour of providing a rich and colossal back-drop to his story.

Oct 16, Pages Middle Grade 10 and up. Wereworld; Shadow of the Hawk is great at making things intense with action and adventure.

While I prefer to read series in order, I did skip the second book in the Wereworld series. Stay in Touch Sign up.