Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Sevilla , ). España. Fue conquistador y cronista e historiador del Perú. Escribió. Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Sevilla, ). España. Fue conquistador y cronista e historiador del Perú. Escribió una Crónica del Perú en tres partes. The First part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León is described by the Tags: Biblioteca Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, crónica, crónica de indias, Inca .

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Although recently converted from Judaism to Catholicismthe family enjoyed good social standing in the region because of their networks and business dealings. Their antiquity and the want of letters, are the causes why it is not known who built such vast foundations, and how much time has since elapsed; for at present there is only a wall very pedrro built, and which must have been standing for many ages.

Cronica del Peru

Near Zepita flows the Desaguadero, where, till the days of the Yncas, there used to be toll takers who received tribute from those who passed over the bridge, which is made of bundles of stalks, in such sort that men and horses can cross over it.

Besides the lands which the natives occupy with their fields and houses, there are vast uninhabited tracts. Of the founding of the town of Plata, wliich is situated in the province of Charcas. It is said that Francisco de Carbajal, master of the camp to Gonzalo Pizarro, always ate this honey, and though he drank it as if it had been water or wine, he always remained strong and healthy, as he was when I saw him judged in the valley of Xaquixaguana, although he was over eighty years of age according to his own account.

Before the Yncas conquered the country, many of the Indians declare that there were two great lords in the Colloa, the one called Sapana and the other Cari, who conquered many pucaras which are their fortresses.

Notwithstanding all this, the citizens have thought of moving nearer to the great lake of Titicaca, between the villages of Huaqui and Tiahuanaco. Yana in Quichua, is a “companion,” and also a “servant. Duke University Press,p.


Josselin Brisette marked it as to-read Mar 27, On the 26th of October Centeno mustered a thousand men, of whom were mounted. Great numbers of Yana-cuna, 1 who are free Indians with the right of serving whom they please, flocked. But as the affairs of Chile are important, and require a special narrative, I have only written what I saw between Uraba and Potosi, which is near this town, a road of such length that it must be from the borders of Uraba to the further end of the town of Plata a good two thousand two hundred leagues, as I have already stated.

The relations of the deceased each con- tributed something, as well sheep, lambs, and maize, as other things, and, before they buried the corpse, they killed sheep, put the cooked meat into the rooms of their houses, and made much drink from the maize. The name is derived from a circumstance connected with the conquest.

This town of Plata was settled and founded cieeza the captain Peransurez, in the name of his Majesty the emperor and king our lord, the Adelantado Don Francisco Pizarro being his ceza and captain-general of Peru, in the year From this, and from the fact that they also speak of bearded men on the island of Titicaca, and of others who built the edifice of Vinaque, 1 it may, perhaps, be inferred that, before the Yncas reigned, there was an intelligent race who came from some unknown part, and who did these things.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Besides these, there is another sort of llamas, called vicunas. Thus they traverse the greater part leru the village, declaring, in their songs, the deeds of the dead chief, and other things concerning him. The buildings are of hewn stone, with doorways wider below than above.

The value of articles was not great, and cloths, linens, and Hollands were sold almost rel cheap as in Spain. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In the upper part are certain wide dwl bands, and in the lower are symbohcal figures with himian faces. Ruy Sanchez de Hinojosa by Nicolas de Heredia. The whole of this, with the doorway and its jambs and lintel, was all one single stone. It is adorned with a species of round cap, 1 foot 7 inches high, and 2 feet 5 inches in width.


In there were about five thousand mouths xieza mines on the mountain, of which only fifty or sixty were then worked. Thus it may be affirmed that Hatun-colla was a grand place, as its name implies, for Hatwi means ” great ” in their language.

It may be that, after the deluge, this lake remained with the water we now see in it, for if it communicated with the sea the water would be salt and not fresh; besides it is ledro a distance of cieeza leagues from the sea. Carlos Obando marked it as to-read Dec 02, Unknown Bindingpages.

When the wind is fresh they extract much silver, but when there is no wind they cannot by any means extract silver ; so that, as the wind is profitable in the sea for navigating, it is so here for extracting silver.

I observed that many frauds were committed, and that there was little truth spoken. The things which to my mind are most worthy of notice fel the Collao, are the tombs of the dead.

Part one of the Chronicle of Peru, Pedro Cieza de León | Proyecto Estudios Indianos

But the eagle eye of the fiery old master of the camp, Carbajal, was not to be deceived, and the captain Hernando Bachicao was hung by his order, a few days afterwards, in the little village of Juli, on the western shore of lake Titicaca.

In this respect, and in regard to the waves that are formed when the wind croinca, it appears like some gulf of the sea.

The riches accumulated by individuals were ,eon, and a man named Sinteros, “the rich,” who died inwas worth twenty million dollars. Sailing northward he captured several others, and with the fleet thus formed, he got possession of the city of Panama in March The chiefs were much reverenced by the Indians, and there were royal edifices and store-houses of the Yncas, and a temple of the sun. He died the ddel year, leaving the rest of his work unpublished.

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