Getting Up: Subway Graffitti in New York [Craig Castleman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Getting Up is the term used by graffiti artists to. Los Grafitti [Craig Castleman, Pilar Vazquez Alvarez] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : List of craig castleman los graffiti pdf book. Download the craig castleman los graffiti pdf book in PDF file format for free at

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I really like the connections she makes between writers and artists of the past gradfiti writers and artists of the present.

In this video he goes on to address perspective. I found interviews though there is still more to learn in this area. You Have to Watch to Learn. I wanted to ask the right questions, as Zizek proposes.

Hip-hop Graffiti & Perspective | Theories of Literacy

I wanted to know where the idea that hip-hop graffiti writers as criminals originated, so I dug deeper. The beginning lasts anywhere from six months to a year. The laws were intended to control and cease what some consider blight, and in some cases what I find interesting that, as Phillips reiterates, graffiti is both familiar and unfamiliar Anyway, the picture I referred to earlier has begun to come into focus little by little, though there continue to be entire days spent veering off into minimally related areas that enhance the blur.

She makes a lot of distinctions between gang graffiti, though, and hip-hop graffiti, which is why it remains interesting and controversial — very little is understood about this medium. Craig Castleman talks about early writing gangs in the 70s [6] acstleman were very different from fighting gangs Getting Up. My research always seems to take me back to James Gee and Discourse. Here is one of the sites I found interesting that talks about it: When thinking of literacy practices and graffiti I have learned that they are, on the surface, like two unfriendly neighbors who feud constantly.

Just look at You Tube for anti-graffiti campaigns in Los Angeles and once again the fear and confusion csatleman the graffiti culture begin to re-emerge.

I found a lot of strongly worded blogs that encourage catching writers in the act: And to be fair there is an entire unrestrained range of graffiti writing taking place that is racist, sexist, and is known to go against the unwritten rules of the street, one of which is not hitting religious structures or any places of worship.


He shoots straight from the hip, so to speak, by addressing ideology and the way that we typically ask the wrong questions. I still thought of graffiti as sloppily spray-painted slogans that included racist, sexist, quasi-political, and pornographic words and images…graffiti to me was vandalism, no question about it, and its social castleeman was negligible… viii To this: She addresses her own fears as well.

She called these historical puzzles. My first thought when I saw these paintings, text, or tags was that they were just gang-related. Hip-hop graffiti writers are a very strong presence in this grqffiti. In this he includes the graffiti-writing urban gang member, the physicist, the policeman, and the Cyberpunk all using different Discourses that integrate, divide, and sort people and groups in society 4.

Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society. Some braffiti argue that the wording and profile has changed because hip-hop graffiti writers are now being identified as white, middle-class kids with too much time on their hands.

I will not rgaffiti and say that graffiti — and tagging, in particular areas of town, have not scared me or confused me — as well as sent a warning to my senses that I need to be hyper vigilante about my surroundings. To begin to understand the world of graffiti and its overall effects on those of us who live in cities, towns, rural areas or suburbia, it is necessary to look at its socio-cultural, political and historical influences.

I like the idea of examining an ideology and picking out its contradictions. Though, in doing so, this phenomenon remains polarized and in addition, dismissed as insignificant vandalism. This journey initially led me to scholarly journals, YouTube videos, and books written in the 70s. He is very clear to emphasize that in contemporary criminology the blame has now been shifted somewhat to the state — not psychological defect — for failing these youth.

Craig Castleman Los Graffiti Pdf PDF Download

I was fairly surprised that such a crig subject had been so neglected — happy that I might be onto something, but sad that there was so little study on it. Much of this paranoia seems to be strongly connected to skewed perceptions of what the hip-hop graffiti writers are attempting to communicate. I have found that my focus needed to be much more specific.

I am not a judge, jury, ethicist, or comrade. What strikes me most with her use of artistic expression and modes of curriculum theorizing is the fact that two polar opposites are expected to blend and she knows this is what is inherent in the art world Initially I saw little or nothing on hip-hop graffiti writers as fictional subjects in literary works and literally two books that had brief mentions of graffiti and hip-hop as a legitimate movement.


I begin with a broad overview of my search. This may seem like a strong condemnation to business and homeowners whose livelihoods have been affected by the L. He then determines that Britain and the United States have focused primarily on the punishment of these crimes as a deterrent. It is important to know that this is not unfounded or without merit. When I first began looking at graffiti through the literary fiction and non-fiction lens it occurred to me that very little has been written on its connection to youth and literacy.

Phillips talks about there being very little information on this topic. When she first started her research way back in the s, she discovered purposefully written tar inscriptions by Caltrans workers on highway repair projects to an inscription carved into a wooden railing at St. Graffiti and Gangs in L. All of this is to emphasize that, at this point, I have more reason to persist than ever, so I will.

As I moved onto journals concerning graffiti removal and theory about the moral interpretations of the law the pieces began to look more connected. I still thought of graffiti as sloppily spray-painted slogans that included racist, sexist, quasi-political, and pornographic words and images…graffiti to me was vandalism, no question about it, and its social value was negligible… viii. With that said, I would like to talk about what I have learned and where I find one particular area of focus very fascinating and worthy of time and study.

Subway Graffiti in New York. I have lived in many places and have seen graffiti in pretty rough areas. It has been around a lox time.

She wrote a book on graffiti and hip-hop titled, Painting Without Permissionwhich was the result of her days as a student in Montreal and subsequent published author, speaker, and artist.

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