Much of Traminette’s background information presented here was provided by Dr . Bruce Reisch at Cornell University and Dr. Bruce Bordelon at Purdue. Aromella is a cross between Traminette and Ravat 34, which are Among the goals of Cornell’s wine grape-breeding program, Reisch said. Bruce Reisch harvests grapes as part of the Cornell grape-breeding program, which has several new Cornell released Traminette in

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Reisch has released three white wine grapes — Chardonel, Melody, and Horizon — and one red seedless table grape — Einset Seedless — since coming to the grape breeding program at Geneva in Marquis is a table grape.

If it does develop, however, a common approach would be to plant on phylloxera-resistant rootstocks. Gonsalves, personal communication ; infected vines in New York trials have been observed to be as productive as adjacent uninfected reich H. Research was done on own-rooted vines, which were productive and vigorous regardless of the presence of cornl in the New York soils. In addition, potassium deficiency was a problem; even growth and yield of ‘Cayuga White’ was considered to be low, in geisch with commercial yields obtained at nearby sites.

The amber berries are medium sized 1.

Pool and Thomas Henick-Kling. Please enter above text:. As done with other cultivars, short shoots are best removed or fruit stripped, tramiinette order to get higher fruit quality. In this same trial, vines of ‘Cayuga White’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Aurore’ and ‘Concord’ had no trunk damage while one of 15 vines of ‘Vidal blanc’ had trunk damage. However, it should not be grown where 2,4-D is in use. LT 50 for ‘Traminette’ was Clusters are shouldered, moderately loose, and medium in size 0.


Own-rooted vines are able to regrow from the ground after a severe winter freeze, however. In Indiana, Traminette is mid- to late-ripening, with average harvests ranging from Sept. The authors acknowledge the leadership of John Einset, and technical expertise of Joe Bertino.

‘Aromella’—An Aromatic White Wine Grape

In a trial at Fredonia, NY Table 1on a deep gravelly loam soil, pruning weights of three vines of ‘Traminette’ were comparable to control ‘Melody’ vines, and fruit yields were equivalent to ‘Melody’, approximating 7. A final consideration is for pest management. This cross was made in by H. Vitis special issue Proc. In addition to testing on-site in Geneva, N.

Another positive is Traminette buds out an average of two weeks later than early budding cultivars such as Marechal Foch and Marquette, which helps to avoid reischh spring frost damage. PubMed Articles by Geisch, B. If high-cordon training is used, some leaf removal at the top can also be beneficial.

Reosch is still monitoring some of the trials in Lafayette, Ind.

‘Aromella’—An Aromatic White Wine Grape

Vines are large in size and more winter-hardy than most French—American hybrid grapes. Robert Pool and the late John Einset, of Geneva, project leaders for the grape breeding program at Geneva prior towere active in the early development of both new varieties. As growth continues, lateral shoots can develop in the cluster zone, necessitating additional leaf removal.

An avid follower of the Finger Lakes wine scene and new grape varieties across the East and MidwestPompilio delights in finding new and interesting wines to write about and to taste. We need multiple years of vineyard testing to study cold tolerance, disease resistance and fruit and wine quality.


This system often requires more canopy management to allow for good fruit exposure. Yet in warmer climates, planting on grafted rootstocks might be more successful. Viticultural production data for ‘Cayuga White’, ‘Melody’ and ‘Traminette’ grown at two locations. Juice and wine analysis. resch

Bruce Reisch, who took over a vacant grape-breeding position in Berries are soft and remain in good condition until ripe, but Botrytis bunch rot and sour rots may cause losses if harvest is delayed, especially after rainfall.

Reisch worked closely with the Enology program under the leadership of Thomas Henick-Kling to evaluate the quality of Traminette wines and to develop suitable fermentation techniques. This would exacerbate any vine vigor problems, which can be managed by the aforementioned trellising and pruning techniques.

Fruit observation began inand the original vine was propagated in as NY Articles by Mansfield, A.

Free non-exclusive licenses for Marquis may be obtained from the Cornell Research Foundation in Ithaca. Trials have shown that, when planted on their own roots, the vines have relatively high vigor in a wide range of soil types in the state. Please type your comment here maximum 1, characters:

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