Musings and Other Things from CF Guru Mark Kruger: Troubleshooting and Optimizing Solr on ColdFusion 9. Passing a query object to the CFINDEX tag is great for building an index from scratch setting my table’s “productName” as the document title. Railo uses Apache Lucene, and ColdFusion uses Solr (which in turn uses if you like) * / will delete the current collection * / so .

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Provides the status of indexing, such as the total number of documents processed and status such as idle or running. Reload collection In Coldfusipn 9, to reload an individual collection you have to restart Solr, which reloads all the collections.

Used only for creating a collection: When you cpldfusion a Solr collection for field type string, the criteria should be within quotes, for example. Autocommit indexed documents Boost specific fields or entire document for improved search results. For instance, when you index the database for the first time.

ColdFusion Help | cfcollection

In ColdFusion 10, you can limit the reload to a specific collection which helps in significant performance improvement. Solr is a coodfusion step up from the old Verity services, but in the words of Uncle Ben Peter Parker’s uncle – not the rice guy “With great power comes great responsibility”. For all other actions ColdFusion determines the collection type. You can specify columns in a delimited list, for example: The first one had a setting like this: If the action is delete, cfindex deletes keys for the collection.


For more information, see Optimizing Solr Performance. Aborts an ongoing indexing task. I setup a FTP If your language is not available, you can add to the list, provided Solr supports indexing and search for that language.

Custom The key attribute specifies a column name that contains anything you want; for example, the primary key value in the database.

The extensions and recurse attributes, if specified, elaborate on which files are included.

Solr enhancements in ColdFusion 10

For a category in a category tree, the number of documents is the number at or below that level in the tree. Description Creates and administers Solr search engine collections.

Name of a collection that is registered by ColdFusion; for colldfusion, ” personnel “. Boost specific fields while indexing. The other line of interest was further down and looked like this: The key attribute is the name of a column in the query that contains a directory pathname.

Anyway, hopefully someone else might find that helpful if they get stuck. Aborts an ongoing indexing task.



I had a reason today to test this workaround on ColdFusion Null The name of the query against which the collection coldfusuon generated. In ColdFusion 9, all custom fields are displayed. Solr reads a copy of the entire index and restructures the copy into a single Segment, resulting in a much slower operation.

You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure.

Absolute path to a collection. ColdFusion automatically detects whether a collection is internal or external.

I know this is an old postso from the CF9 timeframe. I took a look at stderr and sure enough – recent errors were all “out of memory” Java heap errors. It sorts the custom field column rank order.

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