Find out all of the information about the ArcelorMittal Construction product: composite structural floor / steel / concrete COFRASTRA® Contact a supplier or. GlobalFloor®. Cofrastra Safe load table. on building floor sheets with big spans with moderate But it is advised to additionally stitch the fastener as it loading. Cofrastra 40 high bonding capacity. Cofrastra Multifonction composite. COFRASTRA DÉCIBEL ®. Cofrastra Décibel 40 floors. Cofrastra Décibel

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Both are suitable for use in new and existing buildings.

The massive structure consists of reinforced concrete and is designed as a tube-in construction. Technical details Model More. Calculation softwares to optimise the resistance and rigidity of cifrastra solutions: For the balconies and connecting platforms Cofrastra steel deck by ArcelorMittal Germany is used. Open-rib composite floor decks. Steel-reinforced concrete composite structure. A successful project that counted with the collaboration of our experts from different business divisions in order to achieve the best results: In February the 27th floor was finished, which meant halftime for the construction.

Thanks to more than 76, m2 of ArcelorMittal’s Cofrastra 40 composite floor sheets, which were used for the flooring system, significant space optimization could be achieved.

COFRASTRA profiles for composite floor profiles

After thorough rehabilitation the building will accommodate the public facilities of the ECB. Detailed information Tower is a new generation skyscraper and marks the dawn of a new era of responsible and environmentally friendly office buildings.

According to the developers, the lift system is very advanced and guarantees short waiting times: To allow for a variety of office configurations, all floors offer a high level of flexibility.

By closing this message, you consent to our cookies on this device in accordance with our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Images image credits ID: After only 33 months of construction, Tower was completed within the planned time frame and budget of million Euros.


The tower forms the entrance to the Europaviertel, a new business cofratsra that is being developed between the Frankfurt banking district and the exhibition grounds. Fire Resistance Solutions by Performance. Tower is a new generation skyscraper and marks the dawn of a new era of responsible and environmentally friendly office buildings.

The simple user-interface, with choice of language, has a simple input mask and delivers the calculation results either in a summary report or as full documentation both in pdf-format.

Login to My Structurae. In total, ArcelorMittal Arval supplied more than 76, m2 of Cofrastra 40 panels for the floor system of “Tower “. A combination of visionary aesthetics and highest functionality, this mixed use high-rise building will symbolize modern life and engineering excellence. Defined for single or irregular multi-span systems, the Cofra5 software can apply complex, punctual, linear and mobile loads and so can reproduce all common scenarios.

At the floor level, the plinth building with its horseshoe-shaped floor plan forms an area surrounded by arcades that also serves as an access area for vehicles. Forgot password New user?

Green Council inis an internationally recognised classification system that defines the guidelines for environmentally friendly, resource-saving and sustainable building.

The Bahria Icon Tower is revolutionary in various aspects: Cofra5 makes it easy to propose alternatives to traditional floor structures quickly and reliably, thereby allowing the evaluation of the technical feasibility of such alternatives in the early stages of a project.

Cofra5 covers both the static analysis of the construction stage of the project as well as the final behaviour of the composite system in use. The floor openings are placed before pouring with no need to drill the floor. Furthermore, each storey offers 54 window work places and eight corner offices.


The ten high-speed lifts travel at a speed of seven meters per second. Enter the characters you see: Cofrastfa Cofrastra 40 and Cofrastra 70 are being used for the flooring of the balconies and connecting bridges respectively.

The highrise building consists of 2 polygonal office towers connected by an atrium The north tower has 45 floors, the south tower Tower fits perfectly into the environment and is in line with the surrounding urban architecture. The intelligent energy concept of Tower is based on all main LEED fofrastra and guarantees long-term stable and low costs. It constitutes a working platform providing perfect safety conditions.

COFRASTA Verbunddecken Profil – Profilverkauf Gehrmann

Since it faces the north side, it is not exposed to sunlight. Case study Rolex Learning Center: Floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened manually guarantee best natural light and ventilation. Tower offers significantly higher efficiency and flexibility compared to conventional space utilisation.

Designing Composite Floors Made Easy. By being web-based the software guarantees compatibility with any IT-system and ensures that the latest version is always available for use. The materials used create tension in the composition and meet all conceivable aspects in terms of aesthetics, functionality, ecology and economy.

Cofrastra® 40/70 composite flooring decks – Constructalia

The lack of an open cavity optimises safety on site. On average, the highrise building grows 1 floor per week.

An important advantage of this system is the quick installation time, a fact that significantly accelerated the construction phase.