“ITA/F00/P3/03/” which means that it is the th C-card issued by the Italian Federation and that the card holder is a CMAS Three Star Diver. Equivalent qualifications to crossover between scuba diving agencies: PADI, CMAS, BSAC, NAUI, NASE, SSI, IANTD, ANDI, GUE, IADS, PSAI. C.M.A.S. / PADI Agreement. 1. Reasons a) Do not penalise divers following one of the two paths. b) Allowing divers to move from one scheme to another without.

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I am due to go on my Honeymoon and wish to take part in recreational diving.

Firstly, from national diving federations affiliated to the CMAS Technical Committee known as CMAS Pp3 using their member diving clubs, their member instructors where the federation is exclusively an instructor organisation or by agreement with independent underwater diving training organizations.

Steve23 August I previously had 40plus logged dives cas a ships diver in the Navy, can I use these dive numbers towards the pre-requisite of 50 dives for Master Scuba Diver?


Or are both equally recognized? Find out what is available in your area, contact the dive shops and make your choice. Greg27 January Jon Barnes3 March We don’t thing you would be able to use TDI specialities instead of PADI specialities – but check with dive centre with which you’re planning to do the master diver certificate.

The table says “all GUE classifications” in the column roughly corresponding to the m depth range, yet the basic GUE training – the Fundamentals – only certifies to 30 m, and so does the highly technical Cave-1 class.

I xmas OWSI and can teach 8 but refuse to pay just to change 4 letters. I usually dive in middle east and sometimes in south east of Asia.

World Underwater Federation – Quality in diving

Good luck with restarting diving – let us know how you get on. So yes, you can dive with PADI advanced divers. Yes, RAID is recognised internationally. I have heard of it and see it is not in our table – Cmxs add it. Misty King16 August Thanks Debbie Willan4 January I am planning to enter this sport is one certification accepted more than the other or is that not even a issue?


Equivalent Diving Qualifications: BSAC, PADI, CMAS, NAUI, etc – SCUBA Travel

Dave G26 February Anna17 August Vmas Thompson16 July Hi, I am doing a padi rescue diver course in september and was thinking about the cmad master diver certificate. Emilio Luna25 June Knapp13 February I’ve been asked to clear local golf clubs of golf balls from their lakes. Anyone else had experience of using an HSE qualification outside Britain?

The above tables are by no means exhaustive: I’m a naui master scuba diver can i crossover to padi. Some grades can go deeper than stated with additional training.


R6 April And made 8 dives I went diving in Hawaii last year and just came from diving on the reefs in Belize. Get in touch with your local PADI school and they will advise you.

Stephan5 September Thanks for pointing that out Nicole.

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