The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Contents[show] Overview If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably. Clan Tzimisce is a major villainous bloodline in the White Wolf Studio RPG Vampire: The Masquerade and its larger franchise, “The World Of Darkness”. One of. The Tzimisce are the most overtly monstrous and least pronounceable clan in Vampire: The Masquerade (Unless you are Greek, it’s the name.

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They have Dominate in-clan, not Koldunism, you know. However, that second half of the idea was rejected – probably because it was hard to reconcile Necroscope style vampires with the rest of the setting – while the Discipline itself remained.

It’s most likely a discipline first developed by cln Tzimisce Antediluvian. In any case, players are able to drive the Tzimisce monster to retreat into the sea, though Cyscek is fatally wounded in the process; just before he dies, the Methuselah warns the players that “The Dragon” is rising and that they must seek answers from Sascha Vykos.

As time goes on, players cannot help but notice the effects of this terraforming program, nor can they fail to notice the fact that the Eldest is clearly spying on them through these same chimera. He could mean that the Sons of the Dracon have fallen far off the Obertus’s path or he could mean the Obertus themselves have walked off the Dracon’s path.

As a result, the public is now irrevocably aware of the vampires in their midst. The aphorism that genius and madness lie close at hand was assuredly coined by a Lunatic wretch who wished to concoct an excuse for his infirmity. Over the centuries, the Clan has developed the use of organic building materials in their domains, much of it still alive and sentient: The scenario ultimately leads the players to uncover yzimisce child reincarnation of Saulot, destined to be judged in Caine’s stead and bring an end to vampirism.

Somewhat paradoxically, the Tzimice are at once trailblazing researchers and stolid traditionalists, for while they gladly push the boundaries of possibility in their experiments, they abide by a very strict code of tzimisxe in social interactions: Not saying it’s a trustworthy source, but leaves me wondering if there’s any other similar mention tsimisce any official source. Etrius offers a solution: This would one day be the fate of all vampires, the Eldest soon realized; nor was he the only one to hold this perspective: For this, the Tzimisce hate the Tremere unrelentingly, and T Tremere who fall into the Sabbat’s clutches typically.

Already too powerful to be fought by any ordinary vampire or human, Caine is also protected by the Mark God placed upon him, and cannot be killed without his murderer being struck down by the Almighty.


Gathering the younger Tzimisce in a vast congregation on Kupala’s Eve, Lugoj was able to use this Fire-Flower in a ritual to dispel the Blood Bond’s hold over his fellow Fiends. As a result of this utility and the superhuman gifts they have developed, the Revenant Families are the only ghouls that the Tzimisce will ever reward with the Embrace. For those who do participate in Sabbat activities, the Tzimisce have partaken of a wide variety of the sect’s offerings, from developing several of the ritae practiced in the sect to serving as spiritual leaders known as pack priests.


Should players choose not to follow Etrius to Transylvania, their path eventually leads them to Saulot anyway, and they will meet the Eldest with the rest of the awoken Antediluvians in the valley of Gehenna, where they have gathered to rule over all other vampires. Knowledges are favored, and Tzimisce are as likely to follow a Path of Enlightenment as they are to retain Humanity. All the same, he still abides by the Tzimisce tradition of guest right: The pact bound Tzimisce’s blood to the land, creating the clan’s great weakness: The Eldest wandered the lands beyond Enoch for a great many years, gathering numerous tribes of humanity to feed upon over the course of his journey, and siring numerous Childer along the way: This quest eventually leads the player characters into an encounter with Tremere – now in the body of Goratrix – who claims that he will help them stop the Eldest if it means escaping assimilation.

Doktor Totentanz formerly Dr Heinrich Lundt was Embraced at this time, setting the stage for later atrocities committed in the name of her demented beliefs. Clan Tzimisce of the Victorian Age Of all the clans whose members prowl the nights of the Victorian era, none so perfectly embody the popular, Romantic myth of the vampire as the Tzimisce – at least on the surface. Out of all the ghouls in Tzimisce service, those that still remain partly human in mind and body arguably suffer the most: Through a combination of the Human Genome Project and the Mormon Genealogy Project, the Arch-Usurper has divined the true name of all humanity, allowing him to devise a magical ritual for controlling every Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve on the planet – including vampires.

White Wolf had a real problem of people not mastering the actual canon that was introduced, and introducing elements completely opposite of what was intended. True they have texts from the Library of the Forgotten and Obertus monks amongst them, but they may be reforging a organization from texts they don’t understand fully.

Vampire: The Dark Ages – CLAN TZIMISCE

If the players can fully release Kupala tximisce his prison, he might be able to stop the Dragon. They don’t seem to have developped Vicissitude, though it’s hinted that they have access to it. No matter how one twists, they always return to their original state. Reclusive scholars by nature, each member of the clan develops an obsession with a subject of paranormal research that they will pursue at any cost, hunting down information with a fervor that their masters can only admire.

Indeed, as some tell the tale, the Tremere used captured Tzimisce vitae in their experiments to become immortal. Another torture is their famous blood bond torture, when they blood bond one person to another and then kill one of them in order to see the other one suffer.

Given the eldritch nature of the Tzimisce and their progenitor, the Clan has its ttzimisce unique role to play in most of the scenarios that the book offers – though not necessarily all of them. Whatever the case, Kupala had been imprisoned within the mountains since the dawn of tzimiscce by the shamans of the werewolves, and longed to escape: Clan Tzimisce was no exception in this regard: One among the Fiends’ number bears the ancestral title of Voivode; the Voivode is nominally the clan leader, though in yzimisce he acts more as a “priest” or rite leader than a temporal ruler.


Beyond the realm of fun and games, mutilation is actually used as a means of control in place of the Blood Bond: Vicissitude was introduced because it gave a way for Brian Lumley Necroscope style vampires to be in the can. A tzimisce is equally as likely – more so, in fact – to have more concerns in the city cllan in the lord’s castle. Along with its pedestrian uses on the battlefield or spying, the Tzimisce have also adapted this Discipline for great effect in their torture sessions, with particular emphasis on its use in preparation: The newborn vampire tzimiece revealed himself to be unlike any other Fledgling born before him: Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older.

And with his body now several miles wide and beginning to merge with the very essence of the planet, the Eldest was on the cusp of Azhi Dahaka. Indeed, I made myself, and so will you. As a result, the population of both the Tremere and Tzimisce Clans plummet, forcing the survivors to devise rituals that can allow them to resist the summoning.

Unfortunately, the post-apocalyptic world is tzimjsce dangerous, and though Kindred are dead, their creations live on: Regarding vampires as servants of the Wyrm, the Lupines proved a thorn tzimidce the side of the Tzimisce throughout these early years; but despite their best efforts, the werewolves could not kill the Eldest, nor could they deter him from pursuing the force that had drawn him to Transylvania.

Their elders, though, often affect flawless, symmetrical forms; the body is merely a passing useful machine, after all.

Not all Tzimisce come from royal families, however, and the Fiends have almost as much of a tendency to Embrace out of passion as do the Toreador. Is there an kind of connection between Vicissitude and Koldunic Sorcery in any way?

Analyzing your point from a character’s perspective, rather than a player’s perspective, I suppose that in the heavily religious setting during the creation of Dracon’s cult one could turn a blind eye to the obvious influence of an Ante and rationalize it’s “miracles” with Christian Mysticism. Now if the Old Clan realized that Tzimisce’s essence is Vicissitude, as it can be interpreted by Lore of the Clans, would you say Koldunic Sorcery is tied to Tzimisce in the same way?