Veja grátis o arquivo Livro Ciência endodôntica – Carlos Estrela, 1ed (11 capitulo – Hipoclorito de sódio) enviado para a disciplina de Endodontia Categoria. Ciencia endodóntica. Front Cover. Carlos Estrela. Artes Médicas, – Medical – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Ciencia endodóntica. Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science (Hardback) by Carlos Estrela and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Livro Ciência endodôntica – Carlos Estrela, 1ed (8 capitulo – Controle de infecção em endodontia)

J Periodontol ; Studies on root canal medicaments. Comparation of the relative risk of molar root perforation using va- rious endodontic instrumentation techniques.

Rev Ass Paul Cirur Dent ; Engstron B, Spangberg L. Microbiology of pe- riapical abscesses and associated maxillary sinusitis. Hexylresorcinol in oral anti- sepsis with special reference to solution Dent Clin North Am ; The dento-lingual groove in the maxillary lateral incisor. Aerosol generation by two ultrasonic scalers.


Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science

Endodontic treatment of a maxillary lateral incisor with ano- malous root formations. Experiences of bacteriologi- cal root canal control.

In vitro antimicrobial activity of several concentrations of sodium hypo- chlorite and chlorhexidine gluconate in endoeontica elimi- nation of Enterococcus faecalis.

Double canals in single roots.

Unusual root anatomy of mandi- bular first molars. J Amer Dent Ass ; Root complex and root canal system: Prevalence of pain associated with clinical factors during and after root canal therapy. Daum RS et al.

Criteria for case selection. Comparison of root canal preparation using different automated devices and hand instrumentation. NY St Dent J ; Rev Bras Odontol ; Braz Dent J ; 14 in press. A periodontal ha- zard.

The antibacterial action of sodium hypoclorite and EDTA in 60 cases of endo- dontic therapy. Measuring harmful levels of bacteria in dental aerosols. J Orthop Res ; 8: An analysis of canal antering using mecanical instrumentation techniques. Evaluation of a novel, rapid- acting, sterilizing solution at roam temperature.

Halothane and eucaliptol as alternatives to chloroform for sof- tening gutta-percha.

Root perforations dres- sed with calcium hydroxide or zinc oxide and eu- genol. Anti- microbial evaluation of calcium hydroxide in infec- ted dentinal tubules.


Rev Odontol Brasil Central ; 1: Estrela C, Stephan IW. J Endod ; 9: WB Saunders Com- pany. Profiling of Propi- onibacterium acnes recovered from root canal and blood during and after endodontic treatment. Endoodontica Dent J ; 9: Int Endod J ; Irrigation of root canals.

Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science : Carlos Estrela :

Effectiveness of salt versus glass bead sterilizers. Oral bacteria and apical periodontitis. Endodonticx G, Laszkiewicz J. In Vitro analysis of the desmineralizing effect of some endo- dontic irrigants. Infect Control Hosp Epidem ; Me- chanisms involved in the resistance of Enterococcus faecalis to calcium hydroxide. J Am Dent Assoc ; Multiple apical foramina of tooth roots.

Rev Odontol Brasil Central ;