Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. [German Version]. Compiled around , this Byzantine chronicle of the world ( Chronicles: I) extends to the year and is an important source for the time of. Project progress: problems which the project leader came across during the edition project of the Chronicon paschale (Textstrata, Codex Unicus errors, previous.

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Chronicon paschale

When he had grown up and shown great bravery, he was created triumvir along with Pompeius and Crassuswho were ex-consuls, in the first year of this th Olympiadand the government of Rome was controlled by these chroincon men. Then Apollonius was saved, and went back to king Seleucus to inform him of what had happened. Thus these productions were intended for the mass of the people, and above all for the countless monks of the Eastern Empire, eager to learn the ordinary and extraordinary occurrences of the world’s history.

In total, 5, years.

From the issuing of pascha,e decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’ and sixty-two ‘sevens’ “. Simon became the 12th high priest at Jerusalem, for 22 years. The Byzantine chroniclers were devoted especially to universal history, began with the Creation, and carried the narrative down to their own epoch.

Herodes summoned a certain Ananelus from Babylonand appointed him to be high priest of the Jews.

The work was probably written during the last ten years of the reign of Heraclius. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He was the first to take on the royal diadem as well as the title of high priest. He put an end to the kingdom of the Ptolemaeiwhich had lasted for years. These histories were intended to be popular narratives; the authors introduce many trifling anecdotes, stop with pleasure to describe the physical and intellectual qualities of the chief personages, and at times execute careful portraits of them, like those miniatures of old manuscripts in which the hero of the story is elaborately depicted.


The inhabitants of Laodiceia count their era from this year. Hyrcanus rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, which had been destroyed by Pompeius. Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download.

Eleazarfor 15 years.

For its influence on Greek Christian chronologyalso, and because of its wide scope, the “Chronicon Paschale” takes its place beside Eusebiusand the chronicle of the monk Georgius Syncellus which was so important in the Middle Ages ; but in respect of form it is far inferior to cnronicon works.

The consul Camillus executed his own son, because he joined battle contrary to his father’s orders, even though he won the battle. After the death of Zorobabel who was of the tribe of Judahfollowing the return from captivity, the predicted succession did not occur until the advent of Christso that the promised Christ was looked for from that time onwards.

Van der Essen, L. Like many chroniclers, the author of this popular account relates anecdotes, physical descriptions of the chief pascbale which at times are careful portraitsextraordinary events such as earthquakes and the appearance of comets, and links Church history with a supposed Biblical chronology. For the years to the author writes as a contemporary historian—that is, through the last years of emperor Mauricethe reign of Phocasand the first seventeen years of the reign of Heraclius.

For the earlier part of his history the author follows the antediluvian chronology of the work of Sextus Julius Africanus. Antiochus the king of Syria made a treaty of friendship with Ptolemy [‘A] Epiphanes, and gave his daughter Cleopatra to be Ptolemy ‘ wife.

The dictator Julius Caesar was not born in the normal way, but after his mother died in the ninth month [of pregnancy] she was cut open and the baby was pulled out.


The chronology of the writer is based on the figures of the Bible and begins with 21 March, Therefore the saints, who expected to see the advent of Christ appearing in the flesh, deservedly found what they desired.

When he saw that the books which he had brought from Jerusalem were written in letters of gold, he was amazed, and after having copies made he returned them together with gifts. For the editions and the manuscripts cf. When the Romans learnt of the power of the Egyptians and Cleopatra, Antonius left Rome and led an army against Cleopatra and the Egyptians, and as far as the region of Persiabecause they were causing turmoil in the East.

Chronicon Paschale AD – Michael Whitby – Google Books

By a decree of the senate, the triumvirs pascahle the world between them. He had placed the scriptures in the libraries which he had created at Alexandriaalong with many other books of all sorts chronicpn he had collected from every city.

Then Alcimuswho was not from a priestly family, obtained the high priesthood by bribery. Another Onias was high priest for 24 years. He was consul and the first emperor of the Romans.

Chronicon Paschale

Simonthe brother of Chronifon, for 18 years. This Aristobulus, the son of Jonathan Hyrcanuswas the first to assume the royal diadem as well as the title of high priest.

Jannaeus Alexanderwho was both king and high priest, for 30 years. Onias was high priest for 32 years. Angered by this, Julius Caesar established a tyranny over the Romans. A year later he killed Aristobulus, and made Ananelus high priest again.

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