If it has defective drywall, then I am out the money for the inspection. But our Realtor tells me we would be able to renig on the contract. Right?. DEFECTIVE DRYWALL DISCLOSURE AND INSPECTION CONTINGENCY. This Addendum is to the Sales Contract (“Contract”) entered into between. Many firms are requiring the Chinese/Defective Drywall Addendum to Contract be used in all transactions regardless of the age of the house.

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Disclosures … when should we use them?

Even electrical wiring and switches have been affected, as chinesee the silver on mirrors chiense jewelry. Safety Data sheets ya wright all those companys cut corners……. There is no smell 2…Copper in Electrical Outlets is not bright, about the color of a penny that is a couple years old. Many properties have been left vacant as a result of foreclosures, being sealed up without air conditioning. I am having to choose between my credit by walking away from my home or my health because no one knows what this is doing to us.

Put our own people to work.

Toxic Chinese Drywall: Is It in Your Home? | Today’s Homeowner

Claims against other companies involved with tainted Chinese drywall are still not settled. The Florida Department of health actually has a very good case definition on their site, with pictures; http: I have all kind of respiratory problems, lungs, sinus.

A settlement has been announced with Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co. What Florida builders were affected? This policy is chihese to potential buyers and can provide the peace of mind that makes it possible to sell a home.

In addition to the Chinese Drywall disclosure, a Mold Inspection Addendum should also be used at the time a purchase and sale adddendum is executed. In addition, the toxic gas is thought to be responsible for corroding copper and tarnishing silver, resulting in the failure of everything from computers and TVs to air conditioners and refrigerators.

These are tell-tale signs of Chinese drywall. Some of those complaints alleged the real estate licensee failed to provide various written disclosures.


Why are US contractors paying for replacement? In the mean time, they must continue paying their mortgage.

Possibly toxic New drywall: The money chibese on this inspection can save thousands of dollars down the road. This statement basically covers every feature and important element of the home. Two organic compounds usually associated with acrylic paint were detected in the imported drywall but not found in U.

addendkm Today’s Homeowner Full Episodes. My dream home turned into a nightmare that I have lived since the house was built in This addendum allows the buyer to have a mold inspection at his or her expense.

You are correct that not all Chinese wallboard has problems, and there have been a number of other defective products from other countries including the U. Radon Gas disclosure is required for all residential transactions in Florida. It also includes components such as electrical and plumbing that may not be functioning or need repair.

Where as a flag should of been raised as soon as the material hit the job site if the Data Sheets are drywalll. Levels of radon that exceed federal and state guidelines have been found in buildings in Florida.

Jameson You stated in your email that you used drywalp tester from Toxicdrywalltestkit. Toxic so laws, via permit, may require a licensed contractor in toxic remediation.

Chinese Drywall | Realtor Ron W

What hints should you look for in your home to help determine whether your home may have tainted Chinese drywall? Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds in While some companies label qddendum drywall as made in the U. Sign In Create an Account Welcome. Additional information addendm radon and radon testing may be obtained from your county public health unit. So why is the US government paying for replacement? Let us know if you have any luck getting it repaired! Other elements iron, xddendum, magnesium, chinesf, strontium and gases carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide associated with the problem material are better indicators.

Is the georgia pacific tuffrock drywall made in Canada toxic? I acdendum told by a inspector that I have chinese drywall in my master bed room and bath room so I ripped it down only to find that the drywall was made in canada by georgia pacific the drywall on the other side was then exposed it was also made by georgia pacific but was made in the usa.


With all of the legal issues facing licensees, disclosures are intended to protect the buyer, the seller, and the agent. Tests conducted for the Florida Department of Health, found small amounts of the chemical dryqall sulfide in samples of imported wallboard. But, it is expected that new studies will be released by November that could lead to a product recall.

Due to the noxious and corrosive emissions of sulfur, which poses a serious health hazard to persons living in residences with Chinese or defective drywall, the residence is not habitable. If a home was built between and when Florida was experiencing building material shortages, some homes were built or renovated using defective drywall imported from or manufactured in China.

You stated in your email that you used a tester from Toxicdrywalltestkit. So, when addedum agent asks you to sign disclosures, whether you are the buyer or seller, they are simply doing their job for the purpose of protecting the public. I have the same problem in the garrage since when the house was built by Westbrooke in Lakes of Laguna West Palm Beach. Identify Defective Chinese Drywall.

It also allows the buyer to addenduum the contract, and receive full refund of the buyer deposit, within 3 days after the inspection, by written request. Have here been any reports from Tennessee? Maybe we should wise up and make everything here. Chinese products should be banned from the USA. I wanted to forward you my story and the new upcoming addenvum regarding the Chinese drywall issue in the state of Florida. We are in a no win situation.