Chaupai Sahib Bani was composed by 10th Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This Bani offers protection and security. Chaupai Sahib is the th Chittar of.

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November 6, at 7: June 20, at 7: April 30, at 8: I was in a really bad situation, my sister suggested me to do this xahib and my entire situation got altered.

Sri asidhuj jab bhae dayaalaa Pooran karaa granth tatkaalaa Man baanchhat phal paavai soee Dookh na tisai biaapat koee You are commenting using your Facebook account. Extend Your support to me wherever I be, and save me from the evil doers [evil thoughts and sins].

Devin Singh Litt says: The dumb, who will listen to it, will be blessed with the tongue to speak; the fool, who will listen to it attentively, will get wisdom; That person will be absolved of suffering, pain or fear, who will sahih once recite this Chaupai-prayer.


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December 18, at 3: January 4, at 6: Waheguru ji ka khalsa…. He has blessed His devotees with all merits and happiness and destroys enemies [inner dis-hormony] instantaneously.

They utter Him as they can think, what He is. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: February 5, at 2: Samanjyot Kaur Bhasin says: August chauapi, at 2: April 5, at 6: August 27, at 7: October 22, at 7: He, the Primal Power, born of Himself is since the beginning of beginning.

> Sri Chaupai Sahib English Translation | from dusk to dawn

The Mother of the world has been kind towards me and I have completed the book this auspicious night; The Lord is the destroyer of chaupia the sins of the body and all the malicious and wicked persons. May 25, at 8: January 2, at 8: He understands what pains each of the hearts of the creatures and their innermost workings.


chaypai You create the egg born, the sweat born, the earth born and the foetus born. It is all the Play of the Temporal Lord.

The persons, who fall on Your Feet, You remove all their afflictions and maladies. The fools claim boastfully about the knowledge of His secrets, which even Vedas do not know. Please share the translation if possible.

Sinmrit Shaastra Bed sabhai bahu bhed kahai ham ek naa jaanyo Sri asipaan kripaa tumri kar mai na kahyo sabh tohe bakhaanyo

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