Chaotopia! has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. ‘Once one is fairly competent at practical sorcery, there is little of importance that remains to be said or. Chaotopia: Sorcery and Ecstacy in the Fifth Aeon. By Dave Lee (Mandrake of Oxford reprint). Before i begin my review i want to say that i. Chaotopia! Dave Lee Format: Softcover ISBN: £/US$ Subjects: Chaos Magick. ‘Once one is fairly competent at practical sorcery, there.

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Welcome to True Freakdom! It seems to me that Chaos Magic itself has reached this point; the basic ideas needed for anyone to construct his or her own system of sorcery and to hone their skills are already covered by the available books. I had no problem with thisbut his attempts to tie this up with occult principles and Chaos Magick backfired in my opinion.

No padding, no BS, no wasted space, lots of important information, practice advise and hints. On my blog, a review of the dhaotopia Psychedelic Press Journal 23 here.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. YouTube channel Chaotopia Two talks, two pathworkings and some readings from my first novel, on my YouTube channel.

Dave Lee (chaos magician) – Wikipedia

In the wake of the cultural destruction of the ancient world there wasn’t just a yawning void, but some very interesting things happened in the world chaktopia Germanic culture. It was originally published in but includes a very succinct but updated introduction which gives us a snapshot of the basic principles chaotopai Chaos Magick and how it works.

Pierre rated it liked it Aug 05, In the foreword to the edition Lee said that he went over what he wrote previously and decided that it needed an overhaul. An excellent review Chaoto;ia So it is not hard to get the impression that before he did that, there was academic runology and occultizoid nincompoopery and ne’er the twain did meet, that nothing much of interest happened in the world of Germanic magic between the millennium-old suppression of the ancient ways and the recent runic revival.


Chaos magic is central to the continuing health of magical traditions, and writers like Dave Lee are central to that influence. I was hoping that Lee would have presented a different look at this finite philosophy using chaos principles. Love is the law, love under will. July 15, at 2: Fawn Hexe marked it as to-read Dec 12, As you can see there is a lot to think about in this work! However, I am very pleased to say Chaotopia! Posted by Dave Lee at The book puts forward some theories that merit further investigation.

Michael LeMoine marked it as to-read Jun 06, We are in the realm of earth energies as materiel, magical concepts as strategy. We go back to the Leeds magical scene in the late s, and I travelled with him in the 80s.

Carroll and Matt Kaybrin, pub. Amorphous Albion is an heroic tale set in an impoverished future England in which a group of magical people called the Hove Space Programme take on, against overwhelming odds, a militaristic government, themselves lackeys of evil Illuminati-figures. Deep Magic Begins Here.

It will trigger lots of discussion and debate. But there is some opinions put forward has well that show that Chaos Magick hasnt progressed or developed from those early days in the late seventies from Sherwins Pact.


What has been lacking so far, is a Chaos magical approach to the investigation of the ecstatic states that underlie magical gnosis. I read it, was deeply moved, realised there was something very important about its main thesis, but did not by any means understand all of what he was saying. Sudip Behera marked it as to-read Oct 25, Lee shows us the intellectual underpinnings of a practical System, without rendering the ele, or his discourse on it, abstract or arch.


Who have some pretty good stuff on their pages. Yes, it’s ‘freak’, not ‘hippie’. Matthew Belair interviewed me last week here. Another main character made me think of the Mutoid Waste crowd. Return to Book Page.

Sign up at https: Lulu, davw from http: I would supplement the more traditional hermetic methods—by a little Chaos now and then; but as a system—CM still seems to lack for much—in its present state.

Kept happy and subservient to dark forces, the inhabitants live in a land of sweet meadows and abundance, which is down to life-energy being siphoned away from the rest of England.

Dave Lee (chaos magician)

Thursday, 31 May The Northern Dawn: Chaos Magic as a vehicle for Magical Philosophy. The copy in the photo was also enjoyed, as you can see by the tooth-marks, by a much-loved and long-departed dog of my girlfriend. He never successfully argued that this Eight circuit Model was relevant to chaos Magick or was applicable to magick or occultism in general.