Stormbringer came out from Chaosium in , with the idea to adapt Michael Moorcock’s seminal fantasy anti-hero to role-playing games. After perusing the threads, other than the Big Two (Runequest and Call of Cthulhu) Stormbringer/Elric! seems to get the most love of all the BRP. Chaosium: Stormbringer 1 ( Box) Chaosium: Stormbringer 1 ( Box) Stormbringer The Stealer of Souls / Black Sword, Chaosium, Stormbringer 2 .

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Rules for demon summonings and bindings, a cast-spells system, and invocations and enchantments fill the Magic Chapter.

Elric/Stormbringer/Hawkmoon/Corum – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition. Adventure as a Vadhagh – aristocratic and solitary; or as one of their one-time rivals, the Nhadragh – now overwhelmed by the extinction of their civilization; or as a Mabden human faced with choice – to serve the barbaric forces of Chaos or the Lawful ideals of the waning elder races; or as one of the Shalafen who dwell in Coral Castles in the midst of the ocean; or a representative of the timorous, dissembling Ragha-da-Kheta of Khoolocrah.

May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear. Continents, oceans, islands and seas were created. A “minus” sign indicates the opposite. The Elemental Gods so frequently invoked by Elric are described and a system for magic spells is also given.

ISBN Buy at Amazon A Sailor on the Seas of Fate “Elric of Melnibone, last of the emperors of a once mighty land, self-exiled bearer of the sword of power called Stormbringer, found a ship waiting for him on the misty seacoast of an alien land.


Brunomac August 13, at 1: It still has a very active fan community, as you might chaosikm. Dragon Isle and Dreaming City “Melnibone is an island, an archipelago set amidst the oldest ocean.

As a side note, what about that sensational Frank Brunner art? Reset Fields Log in. In these tales he describes Elric, the albino Prince of an empire that ruled the Stormbtinger Kingdoms for syormbringer, years but has settled, into a long decline.

Tired of all the fantasy role-playing games with a grim and dark palette? About Stormbringer Chaosium Shop the extensive inventory of games including role playing games!

Since first the Gods forced them into the world, they have wielded dominion with their bloody might and mystic power. The adventure includes a complete red-light district, with business notes and a plan of the Circle.

Stormbringer Chaosium

Octagon of Chaos, The. The only real differences between Elric!

They stand ready to battle Chaos whenever called upon by the faithful. Elric is that emperor, a brooding albino unhappy with his pre-ordained life.

Character generation is quick and detailed. Originally Posted by Desh-Rae-Halra.

I’m pretty sure it’s what inspired that whole bound demon thing in the game. The Throne of Dominion stands vacant. Thus, if you know one game, it is stormbrjnger easy to pick up another. The whole EC concept seems a bit pat to me. And I still think that the ‘Hawkmoon’ novels are extremely well-suited to be turned into an RPG campaign.


Fantasy Roleplaying in the World of Eric 4th ed.

With this one volume, you have a complete guide to roleplaying in the world of Elric, Moonglum, Rackhir, Yyrkoon – and, of course, the soul-stealing demon-sword Stormbringer. Go to our Sales Site.

Had I done chaosiym, I have little doubt that my subsequent development as a roleplayer might have been very different indeed. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. I ran a session of it for Angus and a few others a while back. Home Back to Results. No sandboxes for champions of Fate. If Eternal Champion is not for you, stay away from that campaign.

Stormbringer Chaosium: Fantasy | eBay

Views Read Edit View history. Like the comment on WFRP too. Inside its in unused still like-new condition and its pages are crisp and clean and have NO writing or markings. Site Update October 4, Perils of the Stlrmbringer Kingdoms.

My understanding is that when the old Chaosium warehouse was closed that a LOT of copies of Stormbringer 5E were destroyed. Paid a bod yn dwp – Wednesday, 1st February, ,

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