Todas as aplicações estão listadas no catálogo de velas de ignição NGK, no TecDoc e na pesquisa de produto online em 18P A gama . Title: Ngk Catalogo Motos 14 15, Author: automocion frauval, Length: mm Junta circular 14,0 P Vela de platina NA Ø12,0 17,5 mm Assento cónico 14,0 S. fuel/air mixture. NGK V-line spark plugs offer perfect ignition of the fuel/air mixture . NGK vela por la precisión y las nuevo catálogo de NGK, en. TecDoc y.

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FIN Opplysningene i katalogen kan bare brukes til typeidentifikasjon. Self control type Z: Very worn spark plugs indicate the need for exchange. Another great advantage ng, this spark plug is ve,as use of fuels such as CNG, where due to the use of mixtures too lean require higher voltages to generate the sparking. Fast heating type T: Honda VTXL If there is a short-circuit, the indicator will glow quickly and will burn.

NGK Catalogo de Velas – [PDF Document]

Excluded from this is normal wear and tear and any form of racing activities. The use of CNG is considered a severe application, so the recommendation to Exchange spark plugs should be reduced by half of the original recommendation.

DAF Serie D 2. Nk hecho incrementa su margen.


NGK Catalogo de Velas

However, the total resistance value is lower which allows higher current to flow and therefore the warm up time is very quick. The spot in the insulator is caused by the corona effect, when high voltage goes through the spark plug occurs the generation of an electromagnetic field wrapped to the wires of the spark plugs and to spark plug itself.

MAZDA 3 3 1. The automakers guide in their manuals that in severe usage conditions of the vehicle the interval between maintenances should be reduced by half, that is, if df automaker establishes a spark plug exchanging period every 20, km, on condition of severe usage the exchange should be performed every 10, km.

In a cold spark plug the heat dissipation will be faster. The use of resistive spark plug is not related to the useful life of the spark plug, i.


This option is valid when there is recommendation of optional spark plug in the NGK recommendations catalog. First check the glow signal glow indicator on the instrument panel. Hvis det bliver valgt for lavt, truer kompressionstab og overophedning.

Al mismo tiempo, contribuyen a reducir los gases nocivos emitidos. Once the glow plug tip temperature has reached C, its temperature is maintained by the catallogo relay switching the current on and off. Esto se debe a que los pares de apriete se calculan multiplicando dos dimensiones: J3 YJ 3 Basic condition for this is the proper use of the NGK product.


The spark plug tightness is very important, because the spark plug dissipates the heat of the firing end through the spark plug insulator and from insulator to metal bonnet and from the bonnet to the engine head.

Calaméo – NGK Catalogo De Coches 15 16

De bougies, gloeibougies en bougiedoppen die in onze catalogus staan, kunnen in de motoren worden gebruikt die we in onze catalogus aanbevelen. Below are some severe usage conditions: Turbo HF 16V Inte 2. Thus, it is necessary the application of a spark plug with better ignition and heat rating suitable to the engine. Als het aandraaimoment te laag is, bestaat gevaar voor compressieverlies en oververhitting.

NGK Catalogo de Velas. AH Freelander 2 2. It is common to observe in some spark plugs the occurrence of a spot on the insulator of the spark plug.

The heat rating is the capacity that the spark plug has to dissipate heat. Naturale conseguenza sono fenomeni di surriscaldamento e danni al motore.

Auch ein Bruch von Isolator oder Mittelelektrode infolge von Vibrationen ist denkbar.