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The cones are considered the main active elements of vision in these conditions. Illumination produced on a surface with an area of 1 square metre by a luminous flux of 1 lumen uniformly distributed on this surface. Visual performance Degree of effectiveness of the visual system, measured for example by the speed and accuracy with which a visual task is accomplished. Gnathian ware miniature skyphos. Cable max height diffusers: Glare Visual condition in which there is discomfort or reduction of vision, caused by an unsuitable distribution or degree of brightness or too much contrast in space and time.

The refraction law, also known as Snell law, is defined as follows: Cool white White light with cold colour temperature 5,K Current Electrical charge flux usually negative passing through a surface during a time unit. Download the Artemide app Scan the QR code or visit the cataloho store. Cable max height Empatia Even if the range of wave- lengths concerned in vision depends on the individual and on the illuminance on the retina, the lower limit is normally indicated between nm and nm and the upper limit between nm and nm.

It is widely used in srtemide automotive sector rear lamp covers of cars and motorcycles and in lighting.

The lumen lm is the luminous flux emitted in a unit solid angle by a uniform point source having 2103 luminous intensity of 1 candela. Colourimetry Measurement of colours, based on a set of conventions. Tolomeo sospensione 2 bracci p.


Artemide Dictionary of Light A Accuracy of measurement Approximate agreement between the result of a measurement and the actual value of catqlogo item being measured. Chromatic Rendering Index Index evaluated by the ability to render a series of 14 colours, chosen using Munsell chromatic system, compared to a reference source depending on the colour temper- ature.

Luminous Flux the BIN defines the amount of luminous flux emitted. Cable max LED. Luminous intensity Photometric value expressing the lighting power of a source for solid angle unit.

Projector Optic device able to transfer lighting energy from a source to a projection plan. Le mie offerte Lotti osservati. Anti-dazzle grid Element cafalogo with square or hexagonal grid other geometric shapes could be applied able to cut unrequired, dazzling light rays that can cause glare. Angle of inclination Angle of inclination calculated upward from the horizontal of a lighting fixture.

It comes from the radiant flux W and is expressed in lumen. Enjoy the 3D Augmented Reality. Milano Corso Monforte 19, Milano Tel. Diffuser Optical element, transparent or opaque, able to diffuse its incident light rays in the surrounding space.

Antiquities 2 pagina 5/12 – Artemide Aste

Diffuse lighting Lighting in which the light on the work surface or on an object does not come aretmide any particular catalgo. It is used instead of glass or PMMA, where good impact resistance and good flexibility are required. It can be made of white or coloured sources. Black-glaze with delightful metallic sheen.

Twin loop handles, with a ring foot reserved on the base. Security lighting Part of the emergency lighting system designed to ensure the safety of persons. Electrical conductors are located inside the track.

Cable max height Private house, Milan, Italy. The black body produces electromag- netic radiation as a consequence of its temperature.

Dispersion The white light that falls on the face of a prism, is dispersed and flows out from the opposite face with the spectral components separated. Voltage drop Voltage drop Vf is a synonym of the potential difference. It is a percentage value obtained by the ratio between the luminous flux of a device and the luminous flux installed.


This system is based entirely on the shape and mass of the radiators. Goniophotometer Instrument for the measurement of photometric magnitudes, for measuring the angular distribution of a magnitude of brightness emitted by a light source, a lighting fixture, a medium or a surface.

Xenon ware miniatrure olpe with geo[ Constant current power supplies distribute a specific current within certain tension limits.

Cable max height 80 x 48 x 44 height. Photometric values are obtained cagalogo radiometric valuess through integration of the radiometric spectrum, calculated on the photopic V curve lambda multiplied by Retrofit Light source using an advanced technology replacing an obsolete one with the same mechanical features. Colour the BIN defines a variable area of the chromaticity diagram.


Decorated with olive leaves and berries on one side and with ivy leaves on the other, with a ring foot reserved on the base. Lambert surface Ideal surface that reflects the energy coming from one direction equally in all direc- tions, and thus its luminance remains the same even if the viewpoint is different. West Hollywood, CA Tel. Contextual Menu Toggle navigation.

Rods Photoreceptors of the retina in which pigments are sensitive to scotopic vision. This phenomenon is called the Joule effect, and the power transferred to the material is given by: Paraguay3rd floor Buenos Aires Tel. Visual task Set of elements of the work performed.