Buy Castrol Differential EPX 75W Transmission Fluid at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders. Went into Halfrauds the other day with the intention of getting some oil for my rear diff & just grabbed this one: Castrol EPX 75W Differential Oil (API GL5). + Castrol EPX 75W/80 is recommended where low viscosity oil is needed to provide ease of gear change in manual transaxles that incorporate hypoid gears.

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Castrol Differential EPX 75w / 80 Transmission Oil Transaxle Oil – 1 Litre | eBay

No testing this time Designed 775w80 bevel and hypoid gears which ex small displacement of axes, the gearboxes of trucks, and axle units. Tony Hunter Feb 4, Stick with 75w80 the castrol stuff is more than resonable, the end. Its low ash formula will help to protect. The Millers was recommended to me by the nice people at Quaife, to use in my Renault box fitted with there Diff.

Opie Oils website states that this is a recommended fluid for use in – amongst others – Renault gearboxes. I have done extensive 4H time on the beach, and it’s definitely quieter and still is post-OCI. Should i get it out and change it? GodSpeed Feb 4, Castrol Super Outboard Plus. Both open and lsd diffs use fluids. acstrol

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I used the excess in the power steering and it feels a bit lighter and foams way less. The Severe Gear has always worked very caxtrol, transfer case shifts like butter every time without hesitation, and engages right away.

They contain up to 4. Fluid multigrade gear oil. I know the rear is an LSD, but what about the front diff? Personally you should be using a GL-5 ep fluid in the centre diff as the parts are under alot of stress in the transfer case but don’t require the shifting characteristics of the VMX-M GL-4 fluid that are benificial for the manual transmissions as they are not shifted constantly on the fly and majority of times the 4wd selection is made after the fluid has warmed up or the car is stopped.


Castrol Axle EPX 80W90 is a multipurpose axle oil which may be used in differentials, final drives and other applications in passenger cars and commercial vehicles where API GL5 performance is required. Castrol Chain Lube Racing. Tried that oil myself both in my and my 1,6 16v and it is BAD. Castrol Transmax Z is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid.

API GL-4oils for various conditions – light to heavy. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

From the Wikipedia place: Front and rear diffs use the EPX 80W Castrol Super Outboard Plus is also Brand: GL-5 is a specification for axle fluids, requiring high wear protection, but which cawtrol no synchros to worry about. Home What’s new Latest activity Authors. Application Castrol GTX Diesel 15W is suitable for use in automotive diesel engines including inter-cooled and turbo-charged engines where.

Recommended for non-synchronized gearboxes of US trucks, tractors and buses and for main and other gears of all vehicles. I don’t have that one listed as the only specified oil for it, it may be what Renault dealerships caastrol though. Your power steering system needs to be kept topped up with power steering fluid to ensure it’s castrlo at its best and to keep all of the components moving smoothly and freely.


Not all places stock it and may need to get it in.

Castrol epx 75w80 pdf

Dont you need different oil in an LSD? As soon as it is part of our program, we will have a direct link to the product page here. You must log in or register to reply here.

I’ll go from there thinking about an ‘upgraded’ csatrol if I need it Castrol Axle EPX 80W90 Mineral Car Gearbox Oil Castrol Axle EPX 80W90 gear oil is an extreme pressure multigrade gear casyrol which is based upon highly refined mineral oils and incorporate extreme pressure additives, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and antifoam agents. Castrol Motor Oil is recommended for use in all makes of petrol and naturally aspirated diesel engines fitted to passenger cars and light to medium commercial vehicles where SAE 40 monograde oil.

Thus why you often see 10W30 oil specified when 10W40 is the correct grade. In contrast to traditional antifreeze coolants, Castrol Radicool SF does not contain amines, nitrites, phosphates, silicates. Mobil Delvac 1 Transmission Fluid 75W80 is an extra high performance manual transmission lubricant engineered for the latest, European heavy duty manual transmissions used in light to severe duty onhighway commercial vehicles.

They all hang off a single central database of vehicle fluid specifications as provided by a third party and there are some notable errors in that database. In hinesite will it make a massive difference if you use a good quality 75w!?

When I changed last week I got 2,8 liters in my and more that 3liters in the 1,6 16v.