DIGITAL COMPASS WITH ALTIMETER. Instruction Manual. 1. Introduction. Features: Altimeter (m, feet). Digital compass. Barometric pressure (hPa, inHg. Manual gearbox. MAN/TEN: Manual tensioner .. Caja de cambios manual CIELO. 8V. – 97 A -PAS. +V/BLT. AVX10 +P-V/BLT. 5PK Manual de utilizare statie de calcat Bosch TDS Vezi intreaga gama de fiare de calcat.

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Check for a properly installed fuel cap. Tighten the knock sensor bolt to 20 NSm 15 lb-ft. Lift the valve rhythmically from the seat with a com- mercially available valve grinding tool in order to dis- tribute the paste. Inspect the coolant pump pulley for excessive wear.

Rotate the coolant pump counterclockwise using the timing belt adjuster J to relieve the timing belt tension.

Install the EGR valve with the retaining bolts. Connect the O2S 1 connector.

Freeze Frame and Failure Records buff- rpm. You’ll just have to create an alert to subscribe to these offers and find your car in the best conditions.


Manual de utilizare statie de calcat Bosch TDS1625

Go to Step 4 Go to Step 5 Is the problem found? An intermittent may be caused by a rubbed-through wire insulation or a wire contacting the exhaust. Fill the coolant system. Check if any DTCs are set. Page Does carfe scan tool indicate that this diagnostic has Go to Step 22 Go to Step 2 run and passed?

Install the drive and the pinion stop on the driveshaft. The ECM will record operating conditions at the time the diagnostic fails. Go to Step 4 Is spark present from all of the ignition wires? Connect the vacuum hose to the MAP sensor.

We also provide customized offers allowing you to even better operate our alert system, don’t hesite to contact us. N m 15 lb-ft. Your notification Last email. Install the cushion and the gears. Connect the breather tube to the valve cover. Install the fuel injector retainer clips onto the fuel in- jectors and the fuel rail ledge. Test the rectifier bridge by connecting the ohmmeter terminals to the bridge and the heat sink AE A resistance reading that is higher than the specified value indicates that the VSS circuitry is open.




Carefully remove the O2S 1 from the exhaust man- E41F ifold. Does the test light illuminate? Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic has Go to Step 6 Go to Step 2 run and passed? Replace the fuel filter.

Disconnect the fuel feed line at the fuel rail. If the lean tehnicaa dition is gone when the sensor is disconnected, substi- tute a known good sensor and recheck.

Check for water contamination in the fuel.

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Page Is the test light on? Re- cycles without a fault. Attach the EVAP emission canister purge solenoid to the mounting bracket.