Cannabis: Hemp—Hanf—Chanvre—Cañamo: Mathias Broeckers, AT Verlag, Aarau, Switzerland, , pp., numerous colour and b/w photos and drawings. multi-language (also: german, french, spanish) edition of a beautifull picture- book on one of the most beautifull and important plants of the planet:Cannabis. Welcome at The website of “Cannabis”, p., large formate hardcover: 23 cm x 33cm,, 34,90 Euro, ISBN Order at.

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Cannabis. Hemp Hanf Chanvre Canamo. 2002 by Mathias Broeckers 3855028729

Unfortunately, mathas French version can only be described as sloppy, with important words missing p. Brugada electrocardiogram pattern induced by cannabis; is cannabis safe?

Journal of Ethnopharmacology 87 — Book reviews Cannabis: To produce a book with broecckers in four languages is an interesting concept, but unfortunately not all translations are well done. Preventing cannabis users from driving under the influence of cannabis. This would be ,athias particular importance as the book addresses issues of a tropical and controversial nature. Varieties or subspecies cannot be named with a binary term, but by adding the subspecies name to the full binary name, for example, Cannabis sativa subsp.


: Books and lectures in English

There are some serious factual errors, especially in the representation of botanical facts and the use of the corresponding terminology, such as: Cannabis use and cannabis use disorders. Cannabis withdrawal in chronic cannabis users with schizophrenia. Anybody interested in ethno- and economic botany except, perhaps, monolingual speakers of French will find this book exciting and fun to read, but the main attraction is the beautiful and informative illustrations.

The original is in German, and it is quite obvious at least for native speakers that the three other versions are translations.

Every chapter is illustrated with plenty of beautiful photographs, which are very expressive and contribute at least as much information as the text.

Particular emphasis is put on the history of hemp use and its defamation during the 20th century. Only in recent years matgias science regard hemp as one species whose varieties Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica or Cannabis ruderalis are due to climate and breeding.


Does liberalizing cannabis laws increase cannabis use? Attitudes of cannabis growers to regulation of cannabis cultivation under a non-prohibition cannabis model.

However, the issues are not treated in enough depth in order to satisfy readers with a profound interest in the topic, and those with a scientific background will also miss references on the sources of information.