Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell returns to familiar fixations in 4 Blondes – getting laid and getting rich. Blonde AmbitionCandace Bushnell created a sensation with her first book, Sex and the City, spawning an HBO series that has become a. Have a cocktail and read Candace Bushnell.” —Karen Karbo, The Oregonian ” Four Blondes is a punchy cluster of stories about sex, looks, money, more sex.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Open Preview See a Problem?

She makes me want good things to happen for them. My favorite story is Platinum, the one featuring a paranoid princess.

Of all the bad books I have read, this is pobably the one that I can say was the worst. And that’s not so bad. I am going to the ballet. In her first book since the cultural phenomenon Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell triumphantly returned with the national best-seller Four Blondes, which The New York Times says “chronicles the glittering lives of semicelebrities, social aspirants, and moneyed folk I should have known better.

You’ve come a long way baby! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She almost fools herself into thinking that she’s something, that she has love, but then he shows up with his wife and Janey goes back to being the Janey that we got to know at first–she doesn’t really show any emotion, she recedes into her selfish behaviors and fools herself into thinking that she might do something–anything–someday and be famous, rich.

I get the Sex and the City thing- I even loved the show for the first few seasons before cajdace became walking cliches of superficiality and excess, but tha Before I launch into another diatribe about the enormous amount of crap that is this book, let me say that dandace CAN be smart, it can be fun and it can YES PLEASE have a protagonist that, while interested in dating and mating, isn’t obsessed over it or derive ALL of her self-esteem from it.


Detailed plot synopsis reviews of 4 Blondes Janey Wilcox is a fabulous model in bushneell early thirties living in New York city and playing in the summertime in the Hamptons. Good Omens, by Pratchett and Gaiman.

Beautiful women are stupid because they don’t have to try. Spare yourself this or any of Bushnell’s tripe and go read some Marian Keyes.

My fair ladies

Beautiful women are self-indulgent. It was the best of blondes — it was the worst of blondes. Candice actually created brand new characters that felt very much alike.

Okay this book is disgusting – but i was trying to get a feel for the popularity of Candace Bushnell of sex in the city fame without watching sex in the city.

Detailed Review Summary of 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell

Some of the satire on career women and feminists is razor sharp. Jun 14, Laila rated it did not like it Recommends it candaec On the blnodes hand, as irreverent and clear-sighted as Candace Bushnell can be about important things, there’s also a certain amount of silliness and snobbery that seems to come directly from the author, not the characters.

It’s about 4 stupid women who make ridiculous choices and live lives consumed by This book doesn’t even deserve one star. Thank you for providing the excerpts from the book to show us just how triggering those quotes could be to many people who might pi This sounds awful.

The second novella, ‘Highlights For Adults ‘, is the sharpest in the book and charts the slide of a literary marriage that appears, on the surface, to be the apotheosis of all right-thinking women’s ambitions. It might have been a good book.


To be honest, if I didn’t have an annoying habit of having to finish books I paid for even when in this case I picked it up for a dollar at a thrift store, I wouldn’t have bothered reading til the end. Jul 13, Carol Storm rated it liked it. Winnie and James Dieke are successful journalists in their late thirties, with an canface child, established careers and an enviable circle of famous friends. I wanted the story. By bbushnell this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I was thinking how she will probably just recycle those girls from Sex and the City, but she didn’t.

Trading Up (novel) – Wikipedia

I like watching Sex and the City, a funny and interesting television show about four female friends and their love lives in the city. I’m going to include some quotes now just to illustrate the strangeness and awkwardness of the story, and also to bring to light some of the stereotyping and weight shaming.

I did not like this book and would not recommend it to anyone Some of her characters exist in more than one of the stories. Modern times or shameless times??

The second story I could not stand all cabdace parentheses and the third story the intitials bothered me also Find me here, too! And her husband is bleakly absent.

Also, I never had more WTF moments while reading a book. To view it, click here.