Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth has ratings and reviews. Hadrian said: What, forty-four years on, is the future of Spaceship Earth? Ol’ Bu. OPERATING MANUAL FOR SPACESHIP EARTH by Buckminster Fuller. 1. COMPREHENSIVE PROPENSITIES. I am enthusiastic over humanity’s extraordinary. Buckminster Fuller (–) was an architect, engineer, geometrician, and one of Fuller’s most popular works, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth is a.

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Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

History of Western Philosophy. As engineers become involved with the Great Pirates many new concepts appear, but the main one was of the Navy.

It was a curious experience, as I reacted to Marx’s assessment of society’s condition alternately with “this guy is on point! The brilliant syntheses of some fundamental Fuller principles given here makes of this book a microcosm buc,minster the Fuller system. I came to this cult ‘classic’ in the fervent hope that it might allow me, finally, to ‘get’ modern environmentalism for which this is a seminal text.

Deforestation Desalination Desertification Guller impact of agriculture of aviation of biodiesel of concrete of electricity generation of the energy industry of fishing of irrigation of mining of off-roading of oil shale industry of palm oil of paper of the petroleum industry of reservoirs of shipping of war Industrialisation Land degradation Land reclamation Overconsumption Pollution Quarrying Urbanization Loss of green belts Urban sprawl Waste Water scarcity Overdrafting.

Sadly, his are not such great thoughts either What does it feel operatibg Sep 16, Emily Butler rated it liked it.


His advocacy of buckmnister and general systems theory reminds one of nothing less than the contemporaneous Rand Corporation, the cold calculations of Hermann Kahn and the vicious number crunching of the latterly contrite Robert McNamara as he judged the success of a war by the body bags. May 12, Michael Taylor added it.

And it followed that these Great Pirates came into mortal battle with one another to see who was going to control the vast sea routes and eventually the world. Apr 02, Mahipal Lunia rated it it was amazing. By valuing the planet we also value ourselves.

What, forty-four years on, is the future of Spaceship Earth? Views Read Edit View history. Poetics and Lyricisms are highly subjective aspects.

Fuller expresses what may well be his penultimate view of the human condition.

Buckminster Fuller was the second president of Mensa from to This is a classic, published infirst read by me back in orwhen we thought operrating would soon experience either the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius or, alternately, the Eve of Destruction Synergy – whole is greater than the sum of its parts 7. If we all try to think in the comprehensive manner suggest Fuller seems to be missing some important points, these being 1 that specialization is necessary at times and 2 that our resources are in fact finite.

Throughout the book I’m feeling yes I agree!

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth by R. Buckminster Fuller

It is a fascinating document, considering it was written in and doesn’t seem that dated. Buckminster Fuller is still well worth reading, if only to ponder his definitions of democracy and wealth: This philosophical primitivism is a shame because there is a great deal of merit in his analysis of capitalism even if he seems loathe to be direct about his primary enemy lest he get accused of being a fellow-traveller with the equally flawed communist alternative that had divided up the world with Washington while he wrote.


The wider and more long distanced their anticipatory strategy, the more successful they became. A better manifesto for human co-operation is here: He mentions that our society is ever focused on specialization and that this characteristic can be cited as causing the extinction of species.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth by R. Buckminster Fuller | Blurb Books

Mar 20, Joseph Estrada rated it liked it. Jennifer Daryl Slack – – Peter Lang.

I got back to his classic work Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth – Bucky Fuller As I have return to serious reading, am devouring the works of Bucky and understanding it in a whole new light. Though this was present to a certain extent I just could not get over the constant reiteration of man’s ability to overcome matter.

Trivia About Operating Manual It has been noted that Mr.

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