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No association of the BDNF val66met polymorphism with implicit associative vocabulary and motor learning. Fatigue suppresses ipsilateral intracortical facilitation. Polyneuropathien Gelderblom M Functional characterization of a novel mutation in KCNA1 in episodic ataxia type 1 associated with epilepsy.


P2X7 on Mouse T Cells: Neural mechanisms mediating the effects of expectation in visceral placebo analgesia: Dynamics of regional distribution broxk ischemic lesions in middle cerebral artery trunk occlusion relates to collateral circulation. Spontaneous locally restricted EEG alpha activity determines cortical excitability in the motor cortex.

Thrombolysis targeting MRI defined tissue at risk in minor stroke. Large intragenic deletions of the NF2 gene: Functional network connectivity is altered in patients with upper limb somatosensory impairments in the acute phase post stroke: Nonmotor symptoms in genetic Parkinson disease.

Viewing a needle pricking a hand that you perceive as yours enhances unpleasantness of pain.

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Neoplastic meningitis from breast cancer: Dopaminergic response in Parkinsonian phenotype of Machado-Joseph disease. Piezosurgery for Sagittal Gutachtten Osteotomy: Visual assessment of magnetic resonance imaging perfusion lesions in a large patient group. Disease progression after bone marrow transplantation in a model of multiple sclerosis is associated with chronic microglial and glial progenitor response.


Evidence that gamma-secretase-mediated Notch signaling induces neuronal cell death via the nuclear factor-kappaB-Bclinteracting mediator of cell death pathway in ischemic stroke. Download – Brock University.

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How to assess motor impairment in writer’s cramp. Human transmissible spongiform encephalopathies in eleven countries: What should a person with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis know?

Recovery from poststroke visual impairment: Quantitative measurements of relative fluid-attenuated inversion recovery FLAIR signal intensities in acute stroke for the prediction of time from symptom onset. Stress and disease progression in multiple sclerosis and its animal models. The functional relevance of phase reset: Walking the talk–speech activates the leg motor cortex.

MR spectroscopy MRS and magnetisation transfer imaging MTIlesion load and clinical scores in early relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: Intravenous immunoglobulin in primary and secondary chronic progressive multiple sclerosis: Where and how much? Low-frequency short-time nociceptive stimulation of the greater occipital nerve does not modulate the trigeminal system.

Enhancement of long-range EEG coherence by synchronous bifocal transcranial magnetic stimulation.


Identification of recurrent type-2 NF1 microdeletions reveals a mitotic nonallelic homologous recombination hotspot underlying a human genomic disorder.

Remember me Forgot password? Autoimmune hyperthyroidism in multiple sclerosis under treatment with glatiramer acetate–a case report.

Buhmann C Der Hausarzt.

Rief W, Henningsen P Hrsg. Benefits and pitfalls of scientific research during undergraduate medical education. Computer-assisted three-dimensional reconstruction of the corticospinal system as a reference for CT and MRI.

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Sensory gutcahten inhibition within and between limbs in humans. Placebo Effects on the Neurologic Pain Signature: Where Is the Mastermind? Fehr R, Trojan A Hrsg. English girl called Francesca who I’m going to marry.

Coral reef polychaetes of Guam and Saipan, Mariana Islands. Defective inhibition and inter-regional phase synchronization in pianists with musician’s dystonia: Intracranial SEPs recordings – The new way to go? Transduction of neural precursor cells with TAT-heat shock protein 70 chaperone: The placebo response in medicine: Treatment of optic neuritis with erythropoietin TONE: The Hamburg Parkinson day-clinic:

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