Köp Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior av Michaela Wanke på . Postawy i zmiana postaw. Michaela Wanke, Gerd Bohner. seems reasonable from a normative point of view (e.g. Bohner, Wanke , p. .. Bohner G., Wanke M., (), Postawy i zmiana postaw, Gdańsk, Gdańskie. Poznań: Zysk i S-ka. [Google Scholar]. Böhner, G., & Wanke, M. (). Postawy i zmiana postaw [Attitudes and attitude change]. Gdańsk: GWP. [Google Scholar].

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Oberg EB, Frank E.

Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior

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Różnice indywidualne jako determinanty postaw wobec pieniędzy – Munich Personal RePEc Archive

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