The decision in Biogen v Medeva was handed down by the House of Lords on the night of Halloween , more than 20 years ago. The case is a landmark. That decision was based on the so-called ‘Biogen insufficiency’ principles, set down by Lord Hoffmann in Biogen v Medeva and neatly noted. Honble Shri S. Chandrasekaran, Technical Member This is an original application for revocation filed under section 64 read with section D of the Patents Act.

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Unless variants of components are also embraced in the claims, which are, now or later on, equally suitable to achieve the same effect in a manner which could not have been envisaged without the invention, the protection provided by the patent would be ineffectual. Aggrieved by this order, the respondent appealed in the Madras High Court, which was heard and disposed of by bjogen Honble High Court directing this Appellate Board to consider and dispose of this preliminary issue along with the main matter.

The patent should be revoked on this ground alone. Key Phrases are not available yet. In my opinion, therefore, the decision in Biogen is limited to the form of claim which the House of Lords was there considering and cannot be extended to an ordinary product claim in which the product is not defined by a class of processes of manufacture.

I come therefore to the question of whether Biogen 1 contained an enabling disclosure which supported the claims in the patent in suit. This is because, based on meeva established principles of claim interpretation, a product claim cannot have different meaning from the corresponding method claim. Bhuiyan v Sainsburys Plc.

Since June the IPKat has covered copyright, patent, trade mark, info-tech, privacy and confidentiality issues from a mainly UK and European perspective. The voltages v01, v02, v03 are sensed at the output of the filters, which is substantially the same as that of the network grid voltage. The common knowledge of different groups employed on the same tasks in different organizations is likely to be different, and It is unlikely that the expert witnesses will be truly representative of the skilled person, as not only may they be too well qualified but they will come to the case with personal prejudices or preferences that must be discounted:.


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The case of the applicant, rather, is that the respondent had bioge to disclose how such a control is to be performed, knowing that the same has to be done in a fast and quick way in response to rapid ibogen fluctuations. If anybody should know whether that’s sound, it’s Robin Jacob. The emitted power is reduced before reaching a minimum network voltage value Umin after falling below a specific network voltage value P3. This is obviously right and in such a case it may seem pedantic to say that water fails the condition in paragraph a of section 1 1 because it is not new.

Assuming this principle to be new, it might be possible for the inventor, having shown one method of applying it to the solution of the problem, to protect himself during the life of his Patent from any other method of applying it for the same purpose, but I do not think that the novelty of the principle applied would enable him to make a valid claim for all means of solving the problem whether the same or a different principle were applied to its solution.

Showing top of judgment s.

Biogen Inc v. Medeva | Intellectual Property Appellate Board | Judgment | Law | CaseMine

Get 1 point on providing a valid sentiment to this Citation. It has been well known for many years that, despite their similarities, two enantiomers may bind to different proteins and produce different biological effects. Thus, proposed claims 9 and. This could be achieved through pitch control, dump loads, switching off turbines or power electronic control.

If you’ve ever wondered what song lyrics mean Their primary object is to limit and not to extend the monopoly.

Therefore this US patent describing a protection f which can be applied to AC generators and motors and the system detecting an over voltage or over current on the secondary winding and then operating is altogether a citation not fit for anticipation consideration. When the network voltage drop significantly the capacitors in this invention would no longer provide any meaningful reactive power and would therefore be useless. They are, first, that the claimed invention was obvious sections l l b and 3both at the date of application for the patent in suit and at the date of Biogen 1.

One strand is then copied or “transcribed” into a complementary sequence of bases in a single strand of nucleic acid called messenger ribonucleic acid “mRNA”. The document does not explain how it reduces the wind farm output power.


But claim 2 claimed the reverse. This device is aimed at assisting with network voltage control under normal conditions. The requirement of sufficiency was therefore regarded as serving a narrower purpose. Whereas for the ground of insufficiency, the Applicant takes a “U turn” and argues that a person skilled in the art will not be able to work the invention from the description provided in the biogn specification.

Sufficiency: when is a product a product – Biogen v Medeva revisited? – Lexology

A non-notarised affidavit of Dr. Thus, it is clear that, prima facie claim 2 is contrary to the specification and presents with a meedva. It was pointed out that voltage has to be fixed for a particular network. But the information was not available in However, the expert believed that technically implementing LVRT would not be obvious because it would involve a lot of technical know how and different techniques, than what is required for a conventional power plant.

That is novel and nonobvious. This would provide the information upon which a decision could be made as to whether and if so how to biofen the relevant genes.

Mehra has no locus or authority to sign the revocation applications on the strength of the resolution dated It did not follow that one could by similar means express all, or indeed any, other eukaryotic proteins. You will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. Around the periodicals Free speech trumps privacy, but only just, in Mosl Thus, claim 8 is invalid.

My Lords, my purpose in adding this footnote to the speech of my noble and learned friend is not of course to express any opinion, one way or the other, on the correctness of the reasoning outlined at pp. Ordinary product claims will not be affected by the Biogen decision.

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Then such knowledge would be sufficient to invalidate a patent. In so doing, he followed almost exactly what Dr Villa-Komaroff had done to make rat prepro insulin. The problem which required invention was to find a way of doing it.