Bill Dudney is a software developer and entrepreneur currently building software for the Mac. Bill started his computing career on a NeXT cube with a. It can all be a little overwhelming at first. Learn how to write your first table-based iPhone application from Bill Dudney, an experienced iPhone developer. Core Animation – Cover Flow. Your First iPhone App. Coding in ObjC. 73 answers. 1 question. ~k people reached. United States; objc.

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The main idea behind Spring was coined ‘Inversion of Control’. There is lots of great content in that pod cast. What do you find confusing about the C part of Objective-C? Ben Carey rated it liked it Dec 21, By using this site you understand and agree to our use of cookies, our Terms Of Useand Privacy Policy.

He makes this statement. Building iPhone applications is a visual process.

Instead you call one of insertRowsAtIndexPaths: It has been a great time, and a mad scramble. Clear and easy to follow for beginners with good codes examples. I found this from Matthew’s blog.

I was honored to make the first cut with the Apps Fire people. Connect your bil to the outside world with networking, exploit the power of a relational database with SQLite, and rock out with first-class support for audio and video.

Bill Dudney’s email & phone | Apple’s Writer of Code email

And I’m even more excited to say that I’m going to accept it. But since I was coming all the way to the UK we figured that we should bring the whole family and make a trip of it.


The sample code is also available. Christoph Lipp rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Open Preview See a Problem?

While teaching the last iPhone Studio I noticed that several people hit bugs in the apps they built because they either forgot to hook up the view outlet in IB or had mistakenly disconnected this connection.

Hope to meet you there!

User Bill Dudney – Stack Overflow

It was quite a difficult decision to leave, but as much as I love to help developers, as much fun as it was to plan WWDC, as cool as the evangelism team is, I wanted freedom to do my own thing. Last week a friend of mine and the co-teacher with me on the Cocoa and iPhone Studios Daniel Steinberg posted that he thought that learning dduney without learning Cocoa was possible but you miss a bunch of stuff that really helps you to make better applications.

I have had several questions recently on how to use Interface Builder to create table view cells. I floated around a bit duney HS wondering what I’d do with my life.

I took a couple of classes at a dudnney community college but those teachers were not much more inspiring that my high school teachers. Lists with This Book. Foto Brisko – First Review! When you present a modal view controller via the presentModalViewController: Well in this case the Man is Apple, and I think we can all duxney the appeal there: The iPhone SDK book is finally in print.

Bonjour Network Server for iPhone. So for now you’ll have to file a bug with Apple to try and get.

Custom Views During Cudney Entry. By using this site you understand and agree to our use of cookies, our Terms Of Useand Privacy Policy. I’m really excited about all the new stuff, especially Core Data in the public slides so details are NDA bill public facts are ok.


The source code for Disk Smash the demo code from the talk is available here. I will probably be up early on Monday waiting in line for the keynote. Almost every cell in this table view has a control in it.

But the content is so much more than a lesson on how to speak in public.

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This comprehensive guide will get you up to speed quickly and take you into the depths of this new technology. When building Core Data duddney you can choose to use the NSManagedObject class for most of your entities, but from time to time you need to have a custom class to add custom code to.

But seriously the thing I really enjoy doing is helping people. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Typically while adding content to a table view you don’t want to call reloadData unless you absolutely have to because that pitches the whole stack of work that the table view did to get its drawing done. The second year after graduation a friend convinced me to join him at a ‘live in’ junior college. While helping my son build his first shipping iPhone app I was forced to dig into Bonjour.

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