Depending on the methods of counting, as many as three hundred versions of the Indian epic . Unmatta-raghava of Bhaskara written around 14th century. The Kannassa Ramayanam written by Niranam Rama Panicker in the 16th century. Ramayana is an ancient Indian epic poem which narrates the struggle of the divine prince . 14th century), Krittibas Ojha’s Krittivasi Ramayan (also known as Shri Rama Panchali) in Bengali (c. 15th century), Sarala Das’ Vilanka Ramayana (c. Telugu selections from Bharatam and Bhaskara Ramayanam with commentary. Front Cover. Pi. Vi Sōmayāji. K. Subrahmanyam, – 70 pages.

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Champu Ramayana, a re-narration of the Ramayana in mixture of prose and poetry, which characterises the champus. Sundara Kanda forms the heart of Valmiki’s Ramayana and consists of a detailed, vivid account of Hanuman ‘s adventures. The southern search party under the leadership of Angada and Hanuman learns from a vulture named Sampati elder brother of Jatayuthat Sita was taken to Lanka.

Bhaskara Ramayanam

bhasskara Ramayana at a Glance. India portal Indonesia portal Hinduism portal Hindu mythology portal Poetry portal Literature portal. Sri Ranganatha Ramayanam — Gona Budhha Reddy Gona Budhha reddy of 11th century had written Ranganatha Ramayanam in telugu, with few changes in the incidents which effected the course of the events. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

The story of Lakshmana and Rama is told as the previous life of Gautama buddha. Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. Below are a few of the most prominent Sanskrit versions of the Ramayana.


On meeting Sita, Rama asks her to undergo an Agni Pariksha test of fire to prove her chastity, as he wants to get rid of the rumors surrounding her purity.

Blackwell companion to Hinduism. Evidence of Literature, Archaeology, and Other Sciences.

It follows his fourteen-year exile to bhaskkara forest from the kingdom, by his father King Dasharathaon request of his second wife Kaikeyi.

After thirteen years of exile, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana journey southward along the banks of river Godavariwhere they build cottages and live off the land.

Presenting the Famous Versions of Ramayana!

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The History of Medieval Vaishnavism in Orissa. Rama then learns that Lava and Kusha are his children.

Authority and meaning in Indian religions: Retrieved 13 December Upon reaching Mount Sumeru, Hanuman was unable to identify the herb that could cure Lakshmana and so decided to bring the entire mountain back to Lanka. In Hindu tradition, it is considered to be the adi-kavya first poem.

A Japanese animated film called Ramayana: Kaikeyi demands Rama to be exiled into the wilderness for fourteen years, while the succession passes to her son Bharata. The Spiritual Bhasoara of India. Francisco, an indologist from the University of the Philippines Manilabelieved that the Ramayana narrative arrived in the Philippines some time between the 17th to 19th centuries, via interactions with Javanese and Malaysian cultures which traded extensively with India.


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It adapts the Hindu concepts to Buddhist themes and shows the balance ramayqnam good and evil in the world. Currently, it is the largest yearly, Western version of the epic being performed.

Kamban or Kambar of 12th century is praised by many Tamil poets, statesmen, kings, and common people for his Kambaramayanam. Please try again later. There are many versions of Ramayana in Indian languages, besides Buddhist, Sikh and Jain adaptations. The bas-reliefs of Ramayana rammayanam Krishnayana scenes are carved on balustrades of the 9th century Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta byaskaraas well as in the 14th century Penataran temple in East Java [22]. There are also many versions of Ramayana outside India also.

Scholar Romesh Chunder Dutt writes that “the Ramayanalike the Mahabharatais a growth of centuries, but the main story is more distinctly the creation of one mind. Rama and Lakshmana receive instructions and supernatural weapons from Vishwamitra and proceed to destroy the demons. Perhaps this is because Rama, a liberated Jain Soul in his last life, is unwilling ramayanxm kill.

Some of them differ significantly from each other.

Thailand’s popular national epic Ramakien Thai: