Bhakti in the hearts of men. One of these hymns is the famous Bhaja Govindam. The way of devotion, is not different from the way of knowledge. BHAJA GOVINDAM Tranlation With Telugu Script – Download as Word Doc .doc) , PDF File .pdf), Text File Bhaja Govindam Lyrics and Meaning. Bhaja Govindam is a popular Hindu devotional composition attributed to Adi Shankara. This work of Adi Shankara underscores the view that devotion (Bhakti) to.

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Bhaja Govindam

Renouncing the objects of the world is not real renunciation, but giving up desires lyrjcs acquire them is the real sacrifice. The allurement towards woman’s physical beauty or the physical fitness or body-building of man will fade away with the passage of time.

He forgets his originality, which is endless peace and selfless love. So, all methods we apply to acquire wealth will only lead us to disarray and disintegration and results finally in degradation, as attachment brings endless worries. So, it is clear that the root cause of all other evil things is the desire. At the end of the journey, every one has to go on two bamboo sticks and the amassed money or wealth will not accompany the one who sacrificed one’s life to accumulate it.

O merciful Father, kindly save me. Then only one can transform noble thoughts into action and save the soceity from chaos. These are all related only to the body but not to the soul. Understand that each one of these is destroyed within a minute by time. For example, one wishes to do all such things to make others to believe so that one gets a good name in the society. He does not get enamoured or attracted by the pomp and show of the devotee. As long govindzm one does not realise that One-ness govindwm all, one keeps getting doubts and requires answers too.

All this is possible with lyrcis Sadhana, dedicating the action, devotion to the Lord, service to the mankind, constant introspection, and contemplation on the Highest. Following the words of Sri Adi Sankaracharya sincerely, one shall acquire the courage to bear the sorrows of life unperturbed.


The head has become bald or turned grey. They do not plan their lives. One thinks that one can be happy if the first desire is satisfied and with that starts the endless chain of desires on one does not find an end to it. It is rather much deeper than that.

Knowledge jnana which has become bbhaja is spoken of as devotion bhakti. One invites problems when one maintains relationship with the world of objects, feelings and thoughts through one’s body, mind and intellect. Once the dawn of life sets in, the passion and lust govibdam their grip on our body, thereby one is liberated from the pangs of all worldly problems.

All through the life, one does not get time to remember God and attach oneself to the Supreme Lord. Deluded by these passions, one clings on to the baser things, thinking that they are gold and permanent.

A rich man is frightened even by fovindam own son. No doubt that body is the carrier of the soul and one should look after it as a temple, but not with attachment and vanities. Self-control will lead to mental peace, which ultimately result in inner-joy or peace of mind. You will mostly find it. Till then, it is a kind of repetition, which lyfics necessary to emphasise that one point, which says that the multiplicity is the nature of the world, but the Realised Soul sees only One-ness in and through of all.

stotram mantram: Lord Bhaja Govindam Lyrics in Telugu Download in pdf

In the youth, one’s energies are dissipated in one’s beloved. One has to make every effort not to allow the mind to stray even for a little while into forbidden grounds, otherwise, it will overpower and drag one into the depths of shame.

All these disguises are just for filling one’s own belly. So, one has to be careful in one’s systematic and regular training to reach the Ultimate Reality.

When one experiences oneness everywhere, no sorrow, anger, hatred or any other evil can reach one. Life is ultimately nothing but worry, misery and grief. By attuning oneself with the sacred names of the Lord, the devotee tries to elevate oneself to those noble qualities of the Lord. The company of the good weans one away from false attachments; from non-attachment comes freedom from delusion, when the delusion ends, the mind becomes unwavering and steady and from an unwavering and steady mind comes Jeevat Mukti liberation even in this life.


Baalah Taavat – so long as one is in his childhood, Kreedaa – towards play to play, Aasaktah – one is attached, Tarunah Taavat – a youth so long as one is in youthTarunee – towards young women towards passionSaktah – one is attached, Vriddhah Taavat – so long as one is old an old manChintaa – towards anxiety, Aasaktah – one is attached, Pare – to the Supreme, Brahmani – Brahman, Kah Api – any one alasKopi na – no one is seenSaktah – attached.

One has to be solid and strive to filter away from one’s mind the influences of vicissitudes of life in order to develop the mental equipoise. At the same time, one should not indulge in criticism of others, who do not believe in God or who are not devotees, as despise them would be arrogance. They are Kaantha or Kaminee and Kaanchana, i.

The mind starts seeing the things in their right perspective. If it does not get transformed into devotion bhaktisuch knowledge jnana is useless tinsel. As we learnt from earlier slokas, pleasure is a state of mind. In other words, all actions should be done with samarpana bhaava or with an attitude of dedication, in a spirit of yagna and with an idea to serve for the sake of loka kalyaanam or for the welfare of the world.

All that glitters is not gold is the clear example of Lobha, as in the present day world, most of us go for the outward shine and the price, without knowing what is its use ultimately.