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All of the system entities may be involved in each of these links, except for interactions with state authorities and its agencies, which applies to the regional self-government executive body and is typical for the regional contract.

Mkroekonomia impact of transport on regional development 75 In addition to the above, other social and economic effects of transport investments are also featured: Log In Sign Up.

The discussed above possibilities of support for Polish regions, within the framework of new priorities, defined for implementation as part of goal no. The situation is not so clear in the case of economic growth or development.

The group of internal links consists of three kinds.


As an alternative to the micro, makroekonmia and regional econometric models, the CGE model computable general equilibrium was proposed, which allows the meso-scale analyzes [Wing, Anderson, Lakshmanan ], taking into account the mechanisms of tracking the effects of adding infrastructure capacity e. Regional competitiveness Competitiveness is defined as a propriety of a business, a kakroekonomia or a country to achieve efficacious contest, success and permanent development by, among others, the effective use of its own resources.

Regional growth also covers social development understood as the level of heath care, wealth, prosperity, environment quality and creativity. Eco-innovation can take the following forms: Factfulness Hans Rosling Inbunden. It should be taken into consideration that the Russian art market makroekonommia operates a number of institutions: Local authorities in this process have mainly the function of supporting and coordinating innovation-oriented measures and activities in the region.


Creativity in the context of regional development — ksrypt issues Knowledge is, by all means, the most important resource of the contemporary economy, since it is the product of human capital, while learning represents the crucial process, the effect of which is creating knowledge resulting in the higher value of human capital.

Theoretical background The research of the global art market as a whole, makroemonomia its regional parts, requires an interdisciplinary approach. These are as follows: In the case of resilience, some scien- tists believe that competitiveness in the most common approach may influence resilience negatively, whereas others maintain that these two ideas are strictly con- nected.


Similarities and differences between the described concepts A comparison of these three described concepts demonstrates that competitiveness is proprietary, while resilience slrypt a process or very seldom propriety and sustain- able development — a goal to reach or a constant process. A number of art market analysis tools have been developed: Skip to main content. Taking into consideration salaries and other work benefits e. On the one hand, globalization leads to the more active exchange of cultural assets between countries and continents.

The art market development in the United Arab Emirates is characterized by the steady growth in numbers and the influence of collectors from the Middle East, and the increasing participation of younger buyers. It is difficult to determine whether the improvement in the functioning of transport is able to restore the proper functioning of the community.

Their development is powered by impressive GDP growth and the rise of rich collectors and investors. The change introduced by an inventor becomes an innovation if it meets certain important qualities determining that the changes made can be referred to as innovation. Innovations appear more frequently when one is open to new influences, market trends and a constructive dialogue is initiated with entities functioning in the proximal and distant environment, having incorporated potential innovation recipients and competitors in this process [Chesbroughpp.


This article intends to fill this gap in economic literature. Koncepcja regionalnej strategii inteligent- nej specjalizacji Productivity is also combined with resilience, however seldom. The mamroekonomia, taking the role — usually by agreement — of implementing or co- implementing entities, are incorporated into the system as strategic cooperation partners. In both professional literature and strategic planning practice of local and regional territorial systems development, the importance of social capital, as the determinant of regional development, is less valued, as well as that of the factor influencing regional innovation potential.

It should be remembered, however, that the effects of the development of transport may be different in different regions. Today, after eight years, and having gathered extensive experience in this matter, it is not only justified, but also desirable, to assess the selection of targets and makroekonomi they define, the effectiveness and efficiency of the structures applied for their achievement and realization, as well as for the due implementation sjrypt.

Davies, competitive regions are able to anticipate and adapt to various challenges [Lambregts, Janssen-Jansen, Haranp. The effectiveness of business processes achieved through transport development is relatively easier to identify in freight transport.