The good alternative was to use the AXI Data Mover. – The transfer commands are delivered by AXI4 Stream. – The status of transfers are delivered back by. The AXI Datamover is a key Interconnect Infrastructure IP which enables high throughput transfer of data between AXI4 memory mapped domain to AXI4- Stream. For you, you are probably looking at AXI Datamover or AXI Central DMA. ” Xilinx provides the AXI Virtual FIFO Controller core to use external.

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I would really ax some insight on what might I do to solve the problem. Any ideas as to what might be causing this behavior? Afterwards, and since I am sending bit word at a time, I will include the logic to keep on incrementing datakover SADDR every time I receive a new data word to send.

I recognize that I am writing the values all to the same location so I would see the last value I would write, but that is not happening either. We have detected your current browser version is not the latest one.

I finally managed to get some more insights on what is happening. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide datanover media datmover and to analyse traffic. Still working on it though.

Slave interfaces may not define Metadata until Validation has been run As I am connecting a normal fifo to this input, which is not master axi, then I created an AXI fifo, with the correct width, validate, erase and finally with the correct width connect my normal fifo in the place I had it before. It’s the mechanism to propagate various parameters like data width.

AXI Datamover

I was just curious about your experience. I changed my HDL code for testing purposes. ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer 11Safari. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to use of cookies. I have a state machine running for the data that would send a bit data word every time a new value becomes available.


For the mean time I have to settle with simulation to determine what is going on. Thanks a lot for your timely and useful assistance. But if the datamover is connected to sHP or sGP ports, it will be bypassing cache. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. My current efforts look like that.

I found out that I was also trying the same configuration, but haven’t been able to test it because the Datamover Steam Data Dafamover Auto is stuck at 32 even though I have a bus connected to it. The cmd state machine keeps on sending the same command word with every databeat.

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ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer 11Safari. Its been almost two weeks since I have been trying to get this to work. Also, based on that, I have included a wait state that issues a command ahead of time after the data becomes available. It’s a bit strange that the second transfer datmaover be executed, since a the FSM goes through through the same steps in the second iteration as it did in the first one, so satamover protocol is being followed, and b as far as I understand, there’s no need to do any kind of inter-transfer [re]initialization of the DataMover block or is there?

We have detected your current browser version is not the latest one. In addition, although I did try different addresses I am starting to wonder if the addresses I am choosing are being overwritten by something else although I highly doubt. AXI interconnect and DataMover. Keep in mind that L1 datamove L2 cache is probably enabled when the cpu reads or writes 0x so you may only be interacting with cache.


Have you tried validating the block design? I am on a similar project but need a little bit more time to tell if it works as expected.

Solved: difference between AXI Datamover and AXI DMA – Community Forums

Though in simulation I havent gotten to see any datamover responses. I connected manually each signal from two AXI interfaces from datamover to each signal in one AXI interface and it worked so the rest of my design is finebut I dubt it’s a good practise. Please upgrade to a Xilinx. Have you found a solution in the meantime? Please upgrade to a Xilinx.

Could this data,over be the issue? I suspected that there might be something wrong with the command word I am sending but the logic analyzer data tells me otherwise from what I could tell. Datamocer sounded like it would be sufficient for my purpose. Seems like the reading is getting up to a count of 5 and then not reading anymore data.

Then the validation would move its width down to the datamover. I do realize that in the PG there ddatamover a note saying: I use the regular fifos as I need to cross clock domains and change the data width accordingly to mantain my throughput.

Here is what I am trying to do with my design: I am trying to create a design using the AXI datamover in a Zynq design using a zedboard yet I am really struggling. Certain products are subject to the terms and conditions of the Limited Warranties which can be viewed at http: