Fukuzawa Yukichi was born into an impoverished low-ranking samurai family of the Okudaira Clan of Nakatsu (now Ōita, Kyushu) in. Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa has ratings and 31 reviews. Hadrian said: Yukichi Fukuzawa is one of the most recognizable historical figures in mo. The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa. philosopher, schoolmaster, discoverer of the West. The first edition of this book was published in , with the first.

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Vindicated, honored, loved – gratified by Japan’s recent victory of China in the Sino-Japanese War and – he thought – feudalism.

Fukuzawa Yukichi

Because material and spiritual well-being corresponded to knowledge and “virtue”, to “move toward civilization” was to advance and pursue knowledge and virtue themselves. For example, at the time China was relatively civilized in comparison to some African colonies, and European nations were the most civilized of all. Inhe was appointed official Dutch teacher of his family’s domain, Nakatsuand was sent to Edo to teach the family’s yukixhi there.

The Japanese conservatives were not happy about Fukuzawa’s view of Western education. Dictated by Fukuzawa inthis book vividly relates his story, from his childhood as a member of the lower samurai class in autobioraphy small, caste-bound village.

He is dazzled by the full experiences of America – photography, railroads, meeting the president, even Fu,uzawa dancing – but he also makes sure to purchase a copy of Webster’s Dictionary. No single person had any more to do with the social engineering for this miracle than writer and educator Fukuzawa Yukichi.

The book details a period of major political and cultural upheaval in Japanese society through the eyes of a man who not only helped to enact a lot of that change but also who has a fascinating outlook on life. Being uatobiography the fukuzaww screen he was able to get approval for his studies, an approval which he connived to disguise his real passion for learning Dutch.


A fantastic autobiography on a man who basically made modern-Japan what it is.

Jul 17, Darren rated it really liked it. So now the question is: It was influenced by Histoire de la civilisation en Europe ; Eng. Little did he know that his knowledge of Dutch would lead to another p There are hundreds and maybe thousands of memoirs and narratives of the US Civil War. One word sums up his entire theme and that is “independence”.

Charles Dickens, English novelist, generally considered the greatest fukuzaw the Victorian era. By the time of his death, he was revered as one of the founders of modern Japan. In his Autobiography, dictated to a secretary and translated into English by Fukuzawa’s grandson Kiyooka Eiichi, Fukuzawa has done exactly that: Fukuzawa’s story is enlightening in so many ways.

Fukuzawa Yukichi – Wikipedia

He believed that the problem in Japan was the undervalued od and science. You could almost always feel as if you were right there beside Fukuzawa. Many in Japan were incredibly reluctant to challenge the traditional gender roles, in spite of numerous individuals speaking up in favor of greater gender equality. An utterly enthralling window into the transformation of am agrarian society into a industrial first world nation in a single generation, and the struggle to save a culture while completely overhauling it.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

Catalog Record: The autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa | Hathi Trust Digital Library

This is no small achievement. At the age of 5 he started Han learningand by the time he turned 14 had studied major writings such as the AnalectsTao Te ChingFukzuawa Zhuan and Zhuangzi. According to Hirayama, Ishikawa inserted anonymous editorials into the Complete Worksand inserted historically inaccurate material into his biography.


Mandatory reading for anyone interested in modern Japanese history. He never accepted any high position and remained a normal Japanese citizen for his whole life. Fukuzawa volunteered his fukuzaaa to Admiral Kimura Yoshitake. Yet, “Datsu-A Ron” was actually a response to a failed attempt by Koreans to organize an effective reform faction.

Here is the autobiography of a remarkable man. Elsewhere in yukixhi writings, Fukuzawa wrote that he wanted to develop a prose style that was so clear and fukuzaa that his words could be understood by a servant woman straining to hear what was being said from the next room.

Yukichi Fukuzawa is one of the more interesting historical world figures of the 19th century. Japanisland country lying off the east coast of Asia. His inspiration for writing the books came when he tried to teach world geography to his sons.

Fukuzawa spent the beginning of his walk of life just trying to survive the backbreaking yet dull life of a lower-level samurai in Japan during the Tokugawa period. Just the knowing of foreign languages is perceived as a threat by some. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rarely does such a truly influential person write od book.

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