Discover the new models, those that remain true to the original. Variety, quality, attention to detail – these are our principles. request your items brochure. Die Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg / Sachsen, liefert Modellbahnzubehör in den Nenngrößen H0, TT und N. Dazu gehören Catalogue · Catalogue Ordering. Please follow our tip written in catalogue or at The replication of cast iron colums is very filigree, with trueto original slope to conduction of.

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On this day the model railroad will be celebrated and Auhagen can’t be missing. Lighting brings the scene to life. Sie wirken realistischer, wenn sie mit matten Farben bemalt werden.

A small wooden-sided building with a co- vered waiting room and bench around it, signal bell and letterbox. The architecture of the original wood- pannelled inn is typical of the area. Extension on the other gable. Humbrol- oder Revell-Mattfarben, verschiedene Rot- marderhaarpinsel, Bastelmesser, flache Nadelfeile, gut angespitzte Buntstifte, Fineliner. The wing walls can be arranged catalohue two ways.

Catalogue – New items – Planning aid brochures

Steam hammer 52 x 10 x 67 mm Forge 71 x 38 x 55 mm 80 80 80 80 H0 Baukastensystem Modular system Mit Treppen zum Ein- und Ausstieg. Thanks to their knowledge and the entertainment they provide, all the participants so far have left the weekend happy and gone home highly motivated. Mit separatem Eingang zur Eisdiele, Hofanbau und Hintereingang. The out-building in the same style can be used as an equipment shed, etc. Especially easy to build. Exakt verzahnte Einzelteile, aus denen sich Endlosmauern bauen lassen.


Die gesamte Anlage steht unter Denkmal- schutz und ist seit Museum. Clock, half-barrier, fire fighting equipment panel, siren and mailbox included. Originalmodell An exact scale model of a branch line booking hall.

Homepage | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

When using track with built-in trackbed, auhaven for the ext- ra height with the base. Visit your local dealer and take a catalog. Sehr stabil, fein strukturiert, vielseitig ein- setzbar.

It can be used as a railway bridge for sin- gle-track traffic and the height can be lo- wered by means of break-off lines.


Two buildings in typical Prussian style. The long loads took on the task of forwarding tractive forces. We recommend our plastic light fitting No.

Historical buildings give our cities and villages a special, stylish charm. Makes an attractive period set with our No.

Auhagen Newsletter Enter name and email address. The annex has working ent- rance doors. An awning for the flower shop are in- cluded. For H0 and TT. Eine Auswahl liegt bei.


We need 4 till 5 cm long rest pieces of clear windows from an in- jection molding which were hold by a pliers or a little vise for model construction. Catalobue, some light railway systems are still maintained and operated by clubs and museums. Ballast track made of real stone Sharp-edged natural material for track bedding, construction sites, roads, paths and transport goods. All paper accessory sheets are shown ac- tual size. The straight grates are also suitable for use with our No.

Authentic cataloogue model of the prototy- pe in Dresden-Pieschen.


Each colour 6 tables and 18 chairs. The centre of a small town market with cobblestone base plate and plastic water surface. Single family house with dormer window, wooden gables and balcony.