Athanasius: Select Works and Letters Four Discourses Against the Arians. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not .. These Orations and Discourses seem written to shew the vital importance of the. Looking for an examination copy? If you are interested in the title for your course we can consider offering an examination copy. To register your interest please. The Orations of St Athanasius Against the Arians: According to the Benedictine Text (Cambridge Library Collection – Religion) (English and Ancient Greek.

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Writings of Athanasius. Four Discourses Against the Arians – Discourse I

The Nicene faith had not now to deal merely with the Semi-arianism, ariians it might be called, which had spoken at Antioch in As to whether it would have taken place without the Fall, Athanasius takes the ‘Thomist’ view, that it would not, ib. On this ‘oratorical pamphlet,’ as Fialon calls it St. He was wont to have the Psalms recited rather than sung, ‘ oratioons modico flexu vocis faciebat sonare lectorem psalmi ut pronuntianti vicinior esset quam canenti.

This ‘ tome ‘ is trans- lated in ‘Later Treatises of St. See Dean Stanley’s description, East. Introduction, on the Life of St. A ‘ duke ‘ athanasjus Artemius is hunting for Athanasius, comes to a monastery, and ortions, ‘ Is Athanasius here? The Incarnation in what sense necessary.

But the new prelate, in a carefully prepared discourse on Prov. He himself, as an accused person, was athsnasius standing ; and that sight was too much for Potammon, bishop of the Egyptian see of Heraclea, who had been specially honoured at Nicaea as having been a confessor in oratiins persecution.

Basil, who had troubles of all kinds weighing upon his spirit, sought aid in regard to one of them — the unhappy schism of Antioch — agians ‘ the keen insight, the practical energy, the evangelical sympathy,’ of the widely venerated man who must be supposed to feel with special acuteness the contrast between former peace and present confusion 5.

Hideous orgies were carried on in the baptistery, copies of Scripture burned, the holy table defiled by heathenish sacrifices, the stores of wine, oil, and candles pillaged, monks, virgins, and widows maltreated or even slain, and the church 1 Ath. From a letter of Athanasius to bishop Serapion, of about this date, it appears that some Meletians who had come from Syria claimed to be in Church-communion.

But when the archbishop approached the place, all its inmates came forth to greet him with processional psalmody; he stood up in his boat, and gazed on the orderly train orafions monastic figures, each attired in the ‘ sheep-skin ‘ cloak, the sleeveless tunic, the oratons girdle, the woollen cowl: But Athanasius regarded them as already vitiated ; and ‘ resolved,’ arias Gibbon expresses it, ‘ to make a bold and dangerous experiment, — whether the throne was in- accessible to the voice of truth 2.


Such a Council was summoned to meet at Caesarea, under the auspices of the historian Eusebius ; but delays were interposed, — it did not meet until— and ‘ during thirty months,’ as Sozomen tells us, Athanasius, in spite of urgent citations, refused to attend an assembly from which 1 Ath.

They stimulated 1 Soc.

Four Orations Against the Arians

The date of the Arian History is the beginning of It could not influence the Arian sovereign of the East: Anselm 4 in ‘ the 1 Hence the term might be athaasius, as he sometimes uses it, for one who really exists, i. He at first had some apprehension of danger from Magnentius ; but it was soon evident that his real danger was from the Arianizing advisers of Constantius.

As before, Lent 6 was the time chosen for the arrival of 1 Arisns. He calls him the foremost person literally, the summit of the whole Church, who, not content with caring for his own immediate flock, was incessantly and actively interesting himself, by discourses, admonitions, letters, mes- sages, in the welfare of all the Churches 2. And according of St. Help others find pages by topic by adding a topic tag if this page is a good resource no commas or spaces.

Three of them appeared at court, and charged Ortions with taxing Egypt to provide linen vestments — apparently albs 1 — for the church of Alexandria. Here the three emperors met, and concurred in the restoration of the bishop of Alexan- dria, who spent a short time in Constantinople, where he was present when the Arianizing Macedonius brought an accusation against the orthodox bishop Paul, who himself had lately re- turned for agaonst exile in Pontus 7.

But their presence in the city, and probably their bishop’s admiration of the monastic life, made a strong im- pression on Roman Church society, and abated the prejudices there existing against the name and the appearance of a monk: It was detected, and led to his deposition ; and Constantius, in an honest revulsion of feeling, recalled the banished clergy from Armenia, and wrote to stop the persecu- tion of Athanasius’ adherents 5.

Arius him- self was allowed to present a statement of belief, inadequate, but not heterodox, and on the strength of it was relieved from his sentence of exile 2. Con- trast this with the Anomcean view, Soc. One sentence, in c. The Word, in the Incarnation, was not associated with a man, but became Man, con- tinuing to be God.


Moreover, the context of our proposed Creed, and the very form of the word itself 6will guard against any Sabellianizing perversion ; and any materialistic sense will be excluded by the primary Christian conception of God as a Spirit and as One. The monastery thus founded became, in truth, the parent of all conventual houses,— of Monte Cassino and of the ‘ Studium,’ of the Troitska and of Fulda, of Marmoutier, of Cluny, of St.

Writings of Athanasius. Introduction to Four Discourses Against the Arians – Discourse I

Failing in this, and being ‘ withstood by the people and the magistrates,’ he departed in December ; and on January 5,Syrianus, a general, with another notary named Hilarius, entered Alex- andria. See De Fuga, 26; Hist.

If it is more than this, then it is natural, therefore eternal and Divine. But his words are clear enough ; he will not, for the present 4press the Nicene term on persons who, he is sure, will in time accept it, as in- volving neither more nor less 5 than their own belief in an uncreated Son. The emperor, holding a court of inquiry at Psammathia near Nicomedia, was satisfied with the explanations given on this charge and on that of disloyal traffickings. According to the Maffeian Fragment, it w r as in the spring of 36s 2 that Valens issued an order for the expulsion of all bishops who, having been expelled under Constantius, had been recalled under Julian, and thereby announced that he meant to follow the Arian policy of Constantius.

Montanus departed ; and the next Chr. Christian Literature Publishing Co. Charles Wordsworth’s Outlines of the Chr.

He himself like earlier Alexandrians, Routh, Rell. To these men they took formal exception in a legal document, which Athanasius handed in, but which the court would not receive 7. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The wind was against them ; Theodore’s monks began to tow the boat ; Athanasius was in prayer, agitated by the prospect of martyrdom, but gaining calmness from his vivid faith.