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A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition)

The passage in question reads in translation: On the reverse of C6 begins the following reference to America: Brevissima relacion de la destruycion de las Indias. Roman Letter, with beautiful woodcut passaadas letters.

Venice, Stephano da Sabio, I Logroio SpainMiguel de Eguia, With many woodcut initial-letters. Fine copy in full morocco, g. Bound by Duru in citron morocco, gilt lines on sides, gilt panel back, inside dentelled, g. Twelve years later the work was published with a dedication to Philip, the heir to the throne.

Firstly, he sent expeditions to Ethiopia: It is, in fact, the only book which exhibits the ‘physical aspect of the country as it existed under the elaborate culture of the Incas ‘.


ᐅᐅ Dating alys perez chapter 33

He was allowed to be present at the sittings of the Council of the Indies, when any communication of importance was made to it; and he was subsequently appointed a member of that body. The continent of America is not laid down, but Cuba is elongated and separated by a narrow strait from South America. This drew upon him the animosity of his countrymen.

Lyons, Melchior et Gaspar Trechsel, Cosmographia; De situ orbis. Title within woodcut border.

Gomara prefixes a curious address to intending translators, warning them to jeannne accurate and to measure the full significance of the pregnant Spanish phrases, also to pay special attention to proper names.

The knight reports in time and leaves the subterranean abode on the th day.

Dating alys perez chapter 33

Los ritos y costumbres de los Indios y otras cosas estrainas dignas de ser sabidas. El libro de las Costumbres de todas las Gentes del Mundo, y de las Indias. The only bibliographer who mentioned the book before Cordier, Innooencio da Silva, mentions its extreme rarity.

Vcrum pericls fuam gcnrilitatem fcutusl noftr: The descriptive text for the maps is given on their reverse, generally within fine woodcut borders, which sjas been attributed to Hans Holbein. Fine large woodcut on the reverse of title showing St. Every reference to the great navigator at this early period, only twentyfour years after the discovery of America, possesses interest.

Lucius or Lucas Marineo, called Siculus, owing to his Sicilian origin, was born about the year The famous World-map contains pictorial scenes illustrative of various parts of the world.


I have sometimes seen him write one jeannr two letters while they were setting the table. The volume contains nine letters written by Jesuit missionaries to their European colleagues. Some controversy arose as to whether this book was an independent composition, or merely an extract from the fuller and later publication, Historia de Indias.

Quiz patente galileo

It is evident from the form given to Greenland, that the maker had more reliable information concerning that land than any of his contemporaries. Vidax text is preceded astrolpgia a woodcut map of the world, displayed as if hung on the wall of a room of which four of the ornamental pillars and part of the ceiling are shown.

The map, surrounded by an ornamental border, and the woodcut are by Hans Holbein. A magnificent copy of a most important book.

The maps are from woodcuts, for which the legends are produced by w fitted into blocks. Numerous astronomical and geometrical diagrams in the text and margins. A valuable addition to the text is the ” Copia delle lettere del prefetto della India la Nova Spagna detta,” which comprises the earliest authentic description of Francisco Pizarro’s entry into Peru, the original document having been received in Europe only a year before the publication of this book.

La Sphere des deux mondes, composee en Francois, par Darinel, pasteur des Amadis.