Cinnafilm and ARRI announce collaboratively that ARRI will be providing Relativity Texture Control software (version x) solutions to its. “ARRI Relativity is a ‘Swiss army knife’ for format conversions and restoration and the first marketable software suite to build on our Pixel. When Arri’s scanning and telecine software Relativity was announced last year, the industry was hugely impressed with the de-graining and.

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Writer – Director Crowing Lakes. Reativity closely with ARRI’s solid engineering team, we are bringing to market a system which provides filmmakers with a highly efficient process for digital dailies, that stacks up advantageously on the producer’s budget against traditional photochemical and current digital dailies workflows and processes.

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Final FascinatE newsletter now available! No end of the world. Originally Posted by Roberto Lequeux. These products and services are offered through a global network of subsidiary companies, agents and representatives.

ARRI, Fujinon and Zeiss Join Forces

This NAB will show that the image look is a “key paradigm” of new digital revolution. Paranormal Activity, again, has a concept tied directly to the type of low-end look it has.

His technical backgrounds are application of lasers, laser material processing, laser soldering, infrared measurement techniques, and technologies for mine detection. The new system, expected for release in Q4incorporates production-proven tools for dailies work – playback and sync, QC, color grading, audio and metadata management, simultaneous faster-than-real time deliverables in all common file formats – and combines the best of ARRI’s color and image science. This is a great benefit for customers who can now shoot with modern primes and zooms that are perfectly matched according to tight specifications.

World’s first side-by-side ARRI ALEXA and RED MysteriumX camera test | Animation World Network

Beyond the benefits of idealized mechanical and optical synergies, solutions are needed that respond to the needs of today’s industry and also combine affordability with enhanced electronic data transfer, thereby simplifying postproduction workflows – especially those that incorporate visual effects elements. Or is it just the familiar and reliable Arri name? Skip to main content. For locations and more information visit: Combining this in-depth expertise with a pedigree in the development of additional cutting-edge software for color enhancement and dust-busting, Colorfront offers today’s most advanced technologies for scanning and recording, DI grading, conforming, digital dailies, VFX, online and offline editing, cinema sound mixing, mastering and deliverables.


FUJINON will keep developing new relattivity applying its innovative technology, to satisfy the market demands for the higher resolution zoom lenses in the future. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Forum Red Digital Cinema Recon.

More From Tracking Marc:. Even on Relativify – Imagine Rick Steve’s Europe shot on a 5D with rippling moire and lots of extra macroblocking over what the cable compression already suffers. Back print this page.

Since the ARRI is a prototype, and the RED software is still in beta, I don’t want to go into the finer details that we found, because they can change at any point in time.

ARRI, Fujinon and Zeiss Join Forces |

What we do as cinematographers is appreciated by large segments of the market. G16 and Hall Yes, all you physical-analog-film-lovers, I said it. In terms of file size, relativify Redraw 42 and JPG are fairly similar. Are some people are expecting Red One body related issues to remain with the second Red generation?

Sign up for our newsletter Go! For further information please visit www. Currently his main task is to evaluate existing technologies for 3D acquisition in the field of motion picture applications and to lead the research on new 3D technologies at Arri, comprising stereo-3D, 3D laser scanning, and other new technologies for depth sensing.

We are a key component of why people turn up at the movies and the home TV screen.


Do to the limitations of this blog format, these are just downrez’d JPGs, but even here you can see what I’m talking about. Originally Posted by Sanjin Jukic. Fujinon has established the firm position as a market leader in TV broadcasting lenses. Now, to be honest, I wish the names of these two would be more celebratory for such an event my guess is the “mysteriumX” was named by the creators of “Godzilla vs Mothra”, and the “ALEXA” for somebody’s girlfriend?

Johannes Steurer received his Dr. JPG is a 1: Originally Posted by Rob Ruffo. Mixed daylight and candlelight test.

ARRI Taps Abel as Authorized Reseller for ALEXA Camera

Manufactured products include cameras, lighting fixtures and digital postproduction tools. The agreement consists of an open exchange of ideas, standards and technologies, as well as close cooperation in the development of new products. These products and services are offered through a rlativity of subsidiary companies, agents and representatives worldwide.

Producers who like to keep their wallets closed always talk to me about Blair Witch. Some people have said they like the Alexa color better.

Some food types simple, “down home” lend themselves more to high ugly decor tolerance than others. We look forward to announcing the first sales later in the year. I don’t get it. Are people simply expecting higher DR because of a later development start newer tech? Results to of He joined Arri in And I’m not saying this for some bullshit political correctness reason, but because it’s the truth. Hayao Miyazaki — The Interview.

For locations and more information, visit www.

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