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To take up this position, Bartholomaeus returned to Magdeburg. Inshe established a convent of Poor Clares at Camerino, where she became abbess. Bonaventura”, Roma ; G.

Bartholomaeus de Alverna fl. Gelabert, I, f no.

lingguaggi MS Brussels, Royal Library t. Anchiennes chroniques del Wavrined. Took the Franciscan habit at Amsterdam inand returned to Louvain to study theology. Inat the general chapter held at Rome under Givanni da Capistrano, Bartolomeo was elected guardian of the Aracoeli convent; a position he was to keep for three terms.

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Giovanni Battista Bidelli, Min Rome, ; F. Balduinus de Jonghe Junius Balduinus van Dordrecht, c. Text, as basis for possible future reworking.


It is not known whether Bartholomew became involved with this issue. Some of these date from the medieval period. Anglo-Norman Text Society, She also was an acknowledged visionary and mystic. Analecta Franciscana Quaracchi, ; Previous editions came out in Milan: Oratio de religone eiusque Praefecto deligendo Bologna: Twelve printed editions of De Proprietatibus Rerum before the end of the fifteenth century.

Apollinaris de Valencia, Bibliotheca fratrum minorum capuccinorum provinciae Neapolitanae Rome, Bonifatio Fausti dell’Olmo dell’ordine di Min. Analecta Franciscana4, ; Bibl. Le istruzioni al discepolo [A semerar written for a disciple, in which Battista teaches what should be done to arrive at a life of evangelical perfection.

La tradizione scotista veneto-padovana, Studia scholastico-scotistica, 7Societas internationalis scotistica, Romae ; V. It is divided in three large books and makes use of almost all major biographical and hagiographical sources on Francis and his early companions, as well as of most larger medieval Franciscan order chronicles and legislative texts.

Madrid, X, nos.

Benoist de Canfeld Paris, See for more information also A. The pope had them tortured. It has been edited in Olivieri Author of historical and ascetical works.

Born at Rinonico near the Arno river, and in the region of Pisa.

Sorbelli re-edited this Chronicon Breve Bononiensesplitting up the texts oif the Rampona deei Varignana versions in this edition respectively version A and B of the Corpus Chronic. Antonianum, [Review in Archivum Franciscanum Historicum He stayed a lay brother throughout his life. Inhe was in Utrecht, and in he was preaching in Amsterdam, He was sent sppunti to that town in by his provincial Matthias Weynssen, to preach against the Anabaptists.


Golubovich, Bibliotheca I, Benet of Canfield’s Rule of perfectionwhich included a modern English translation of the Rule of perfection.

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Brill, Nostre Dame de Messines. Active as preacher, order administrator elected provincial of the Marca province in and inquisitoralso in the March of Ancona. Became lector of philosophy and theology and thereafter general definitor and visitator of the Milan province for the Franciscan order.

Basilio was an accomplished linguist and wrote several linguistic and catechetical works for Chinese Christians.

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To this purpose he wrote a complete Cursus of philosophy and theology on the basis of the works of Bonaventure. An Edition of the Plimpton Manuscript, Diss. His regulations were ratified at the general chapter of Bartolomeo was no longer living in a Franciscan community he might already have been disavowed bybut in a house of his own, where he began to hold religious gatherings in Le parole della scienza.

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