Anthropologie Structurale [C Levi-Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This reissue of a classic will reintroduce readers to Lévi-Strauss’s understanding of man and society in terms of individuals—kinship, social organization, religion. Get this from a library! Anthropologie structurale.. [Claude Lévi-Strauss].

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Retrieved from ” https: Marxists shifted the attention within anthropology from an almost exclusive preoccupation with kinship to an emphasis on economic issues. Another concept was borrowed from the Prague school of linguisticswhich employed so-called binary oppositions in their research. Generalised exchange is more integrative but contains an implicit hierarchy, as e. African structirale societies employ descent as their primary organizational principle. It is a “total prestation” as Mauss called it, as it carries the power to create a system of reciprocity in which the honour of both giver and recipient are engaged.

This type of anthropology, developed by late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century scholars, was eventually called “de Leidse Richting,” or “de Leidse School,”. Structures are universal; their realization is culturally specific. Mauss anthropllogie that different cultures use all kinds of gifts to create and maintain alliances. In South America he lsvi that there are “dual organizations” throughout Amazon rainforest cultures, and that these “dual organizations” represent opposites and their synthesis.

The risk created by such a delayed return is obviously lowest in restricted exchange systems. Syructurale, it is not just the nuclear family as such, but alliances between families that matter in regard to the creation of social structures, reflecting the typical structuralist argument that the sttructurale of an element in the structure is more significant than the element itself.

His model explained practices that were not observed.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Leach was more concerned with researching people’s actual lives than with the discovery of universal mental structures. Semi-complex structures contain so many negative marriage rules that they effectively prescribe marriage to specific parties, thus somewhat resembling elementary structures.


This structhrale attracted students and researchers interested in a holistic approach, that was broad and deep, anthropoloogie related economic circumstances with mythological and spatial classifications and that explored the relationship between the natural world and religious, symbolic systems.

Structural anthropology – Wikipedia

Culture, he claimed, has to take into account both life and death and needs to have a way of mediating between the two. Elementary structures can operate based on two forms of exchange: Views Read Edit View history. Kuper allowed that exchange was the universal form of marriage, but there could be other significant factors.

He showed too that the ways people initially categorized animals, treesand other natural features, were based on a series of oppositions.

Anthropologie structurale – Claude Lévi-Strauss – Google Books

Key theories Actor—network theory Alliance theory Cross-cultural studies Cultural materialism Culture theory Diffusionism Feminism Historical particularism Boasian anthropology Functionalism Interpretive Performance studies Political economy Practice theory Structuralism Post-structuralism Systems theory. Continued restricted exchange means that the two lineages marry together.

In reality, the system was strongly unbalanced with built-in status differences between wife-givers and wife-takers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The marriage system was quite messy and the chance of it breaking down increased with the number of groups involved. Restricted exchange structures are generally quite uncommon. Boyer pointed out that experimental research on concepts in psychology have not supported a structuralistic view of concepts, but rather a theory-oriented or prototype-based view.

Social relationships are therefore based on exchange; Durkheimian solidarity, according to Mauss, is best achieved through structures of reciprocity and related systems of exchange.

Anthropologie structurale deux

For them, social structures were primarily shaped by material conditions, property relations and class struggles. This approach, he felt, made for fresh new ideas. Much earlier, and some miles north of Paris, a specific type of applied anthropology emerged at Leiden UniversityNetherlands that focused frequently on the relationship between apparent cultural phenomena found in the Indonesian archipelago: Over time, marriage rules create social structures because marriages are primarily forged between groups and not just between spouses.


Multiple researchers were educated in this school. Mauss argued that gifts are not free, but rather oblige the recipient to reciprocate. In others, alliances are of primary significance, as in e.

These status inequalities can destabilise the entire system or can at least lead to an accumulation of wives and in the case of the Kachin, also of bridewealth at one end of the chain. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Internal incoherence and a range of intrinsic limitations further reduced its appeal. Gifts are not merely physical, incidental objects; they possess cultural and spiritual properties.

Roman Jakobson and others analysed sounds based on the presence or absence of certain features, such as “voiceless” vs. And even if reciprocity was the primary principle that underlies marriages, the return would not have to be in kind but could take other forms such as money, livestock, services or favours of various kinds.

Men sought to get the maximum profit in forms of either bridewealth or political advantage from their daughters’ marriage.

Structuralism Anthropology Anthropology books.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Through the gift, the givers give part of themselves, imbuing the gift a certain power that compels a response. For example, as the title implies, raw becomes its opposite cooked. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. BatakMinangkabauMoluccasetc.

Consequently, the last wife-taking group in the chain is significantly inferior to the first wife-giving group to which it is supposed to give its wives. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat March Learn how and when to remove this template message.